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Aviator Review

Sara Lau
Apr 17,2012  02:04 by

Aviator is a hybrid genre game blending city-building and role-playing element. In aviator, you take the role as a pilot who has spent his/her last penny on a small plane in order to look for some odd jobs to do. Those jobs include getting numerous interesting or weird requests from cosigners that keep you flying back and forth between cities across the world.

The story unfolds in Cairo, where you met up with an old man who claimed to be your long-missing uncle…He just needed someone to offer him a ride to Harare with the utmost haste. So from then on, you take part in the freight forwarding and passenger ferry services by the desire for private gain. But before departure, you still can also fit other passengers or packages on your planes in order to maximize the earnings from each flight. Players start with a shabby plane with a total of only 6 empty slots for either passengers or cargos. But you will gradually extend your business as the game progresses and you will be able to purchase more new planes. However, it’s a shame you still need Facebook friends or real world money to unlock new planes. It’s very annoying that most Facebook games are not very newbie-friendly. I actually would not mind spending all of my hard earned virtual coins to buy better gears, had any other alternative ways to obtain them been introduced.

The city overview map presents players the isometric point of view of different buildings like most other empire-building games. Some buildings are still not available from the beginning. But in Aviator, you have very little options left to customize your cities: cities have the same lookings; without being provided with a building list of various available options, players are just allowed to click on an empty plot of land to complete the construction of a specific building. It finishes instantly and cannot be leveled up. So the game producer’s bold boast that the game features “in-depth empire-building” is just an exaggeration, the city-building feature is just superficial and dispensable.

In the city overview map, number of places where players can hang out are only 4: the hotel is the place where you can pick up your passengers. They wait through ticket counter lines and each counter shows the flight destination and the ticket price. Mouse-hover over each of passengers can also reveal their destination. Depots are where cargos can be loaded. Likewise, cargo crates are piled on top of each others and are sorted in different piles in terms of their destination. Market is another place for you to gain profits. You gain income from buying some commodities at one price and selling them at higher price in other city. Workshop is the place where you can customize your planes. You can freely mount seats on empty slots for passengers or remove them in order to save room for other cargos. But it seems to be the only available customizable option. Besides, you can also check with the physical condition of your planes by reviewing their specification graph. You just need to pay attention that as they get worn away, eventually you will need to repair them when they are totally damaged. You need to wait for them to be repaired for free or just throw in Facebook credits to get everything done in the blink of eyes.

Overall, the game definitely looks great. Character drawing is colorful and is detailed; interacting with NPC’s is also the highlight of the game; buildings are also look good but each city is visually set up in an exact same look. The idea of doing courier service is nice, but it is just fun for the first 30 minutes, the it gets tedious after that because of repetitive quests.

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