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Baby World

Baby World

Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  Simulation

Baby World is a Facebook game that lets you raise babies and take good care of them. The game is published by 6Waves, a productive publisher behind a lot of social games including RavenShire CastleVille, Astro Garden, etc.


Baby World, as it turns out, is something I should never have played.

Not that it sucks. Having a cute baby who completely relies on you is seldom a bad thing. Though you don’t get to move the baby, you can drag anything in your inventory to the room and use them on the baby. Cleanse it so the annoying flies would disappear, feed grapes and milk to it so it would feel happy and doesn’t cry, and place a cuddly bear in its arms to watch the baby play with the toy. Few games would ever stir up the same love and tenderness in one’s heart as Baby World just does.

All the tasks are handed out by babies. As a result, key information is sometimes not articulated accurately enough for you to follow. For example, a crying baby, who is a neglected Viking for no one seems to care about him, asks me to purchase something that rhymes with Drill Mocho Height and some prehistoric gummy jelly. One cannot see the name of any item available in the shop unless they click the item or if it happens to be the first in the page they are looking at. Searching through so many things in the Babymart, I was still unable to find the quest items. When traveling back and forth between the mart and home since I cannot see the quests when I am at home, I noticed that in the quest interface I have somehow made some progress and have possessed one of the required three stuffs that rhyme with Drill Mocho Height. And I went straight back to my inventory to check any items of which I have only one and whose name sounds similar to Drill Mocho Height. In this way, I discovered Lil Choco Bite. As for the prehistoric gummy jelly, I purchased something in the shape of a green dinosaur and return to home to check if it is the one I need at that moment. And it is.

But problem is not solved. With all the requirements met, I haven’t got the task completed yet. I turn to other quests, hoping the game would “know” that some time later. But it clearly didn’t. And when I checked this task later after I decided to feed my hungry baby with one of the jellies, the quest interface suggests I still have one more jelly to buy. So I finally figured out that this game is just stupid.

The last straw comes from a new quest that advises me to have my happy baby give mama and dada hugs. And I cannot find out how to do that no matter what.

When it comes to a baby-themed game, it is totally understandable for developers to take a child’s tone and wording. But if they don’t offer enough clues and tips for players to follow the quests and perform the desired actions, the game would only end up in failure.

4 Comments on Baby World


  1. kay says:

    this game is cool even though i dont get some of the rhymes.

  2. Nur says:

    How to remove the eyewear from the baby ??

  3. kishi97 says:

    how do I do the "bobo's magical arrival I" when it's speaking some damn baby language?

  4. Anna says:

    were can I play this game without facebook?

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