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Band Stars

Band Stars

Release Date:  July 02, 2012
Publisher:  Halfbrick
Developer:  Halfbrick
Genre:  Simulation, Casual

Band Stars is a cross-platform social game created by the developer of Jetpack Joyride. In the game, players build their band, make a recording of pop songs, and ultimately rock to become the top star in the Charts of Band Stars.

The game is available at Google Plus Social Network and Google Web Store.


Select four musicians and you will have a band of your own.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Click Record A Song near the left bottom, select the genre and lyrics, let one of your musicians write the song, assign their positions, listen to their recording, and then polish the song. After that, the song is complete and you only have to name it before the official release.

That is basically what you are going to do in Band Stars all the time since collecting sales of the songs is the only way to earn money. And with that money, you will be able to upgrade and purchase new musical instruments and deploy furniture in the studio. Also, you may attract fans by produce more and more songs. With the increase of your fan number, your band will develop from a bedroom band, into a garage band, a club band or even a legend.

Musicians produce inspirado while creating the song. The inspirado is used when you pick any of them to do solo performance during the recording. You can also spend coins to train musicians or drag them to instruments for free jamming.

All the actions musicians take cost their energy. But the furniture not only decorates the room but also offers places for musicians to have a rest and replenish their energy. And since musicians can easily get tired after writing, recording, polishing, training and free jam, they constantly need rest. You can have a bed, a bath tub, and even a Peacefinder to cover that.

However, Band Stars is not the kind of game you start casually and score high effortlessly. You must have an ear for music. Obviously, the song whose genre fits its lyrics the best would be the most popular among fans. And it seems that I am lacking that type of talent anyway.

Band Stars is so simple that few would get confused but is also so difficult that you probably will enjoy yourself and love it.

29 Comments on Band Stars


  1. Petar says:


  2. When I finish recording a song with two double solos, the game gets an error and I lose the song. What's wrong?

  3. @XS018 says:

    i think its bcoz i got a crush on you.

  4. Seline says:

    How to record solos? Plz help mi ๐Ÿ™

  5. Irfan NuraNI says:

    I have little trouble,,,
    What mean "redeem gift code" ?

  6. leah says:

    love all of you

  7. justin says:

    needs a update, crashes way to much

  8. Raniel says:

    How can I change the label ? Or is there Street Hawker Records as the only one avalible?

  9. ardfrf says:

    What the gift code?

  10. jjjjjjjjjjjjjj says:


  11. nashkato69 says:

    Bloody Excellent game. Always dream of a game like this and you all nail it. Good Job. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. youssra says:

    barvo band stars

  13. diego rodrigues says:

    ele fica lento no meu pc tem como melhorar?

  14. 9pgisme says:

    Is there only Street Hawkers label?? No other ones?

  15. Harri says:

    I just got a local number one, and it took me to the world menu but it is not allowing me to select a city.

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