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Barn Buddy

Barn Buddy

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The pursuit of urban life rules over the majority in reality, but die-hard fantasy for idyllic lifestyle has its own niche in daydream or in the virtual world created in MMO games. In those games of Farm stimulation genre, the back-breaking labor is dismissed with the utopian concept as well as interesting sow-and-reap activity left intact. Hence the prevalence and emergence of Farming series come one after another. And now Barn Buddy joins the already crowded family on Facebook.

Since Zynga’s Farmville captured more than 60 millions users worldwide, Facebook has witnessed a large number of successive “farms” opened scrambling for a share, such as Farm Frenzy series, Farmerama, and Farming Life, just to name a few. Do these followers surpass their innovative initial pioneer? No, they only vary from one another with nuances. Is this new Barn Buddy an exception? Sadly, no again.

Barn Buddy has retained, or rather been constrained to, the basic mechanics of gameplay which starts from the casino pa natet first Farmville. It’s needless to account at length, since gamers must have got quite familiar with the main contents that players will be given an expandable land, on which crops and animals of various species will be bought, grown, taken care of, harvested and sold for coins and experience, so as to upgrade continually.

And the daily chores needs tending for are deviated little from watering the arid patches of land, removing weeds with chemical potion, and killing bugs with pesticide spray in the beginning and then the cleaning work for animals once they are raised as well. As to social interaction, it would be no surprise for players, for they probably know it too well: mutual visits to help in chores of watering, weeding or bug-killing or to play mischief making things worse instead.

In Barn Buddy, six plots of land are all one has as a start and three kinds of currency are earned and spent differently. To be specific, Coins are most common, earned by level-up and sales of production while spent in buying regular seeds and items; and Barn Buddy Coins can be won occasionally by finishing quests or directly bought by using the third usable currency, that is, Facebook Credits, while these two can purchase more advanced and powerful items, unavailable if using common in-game Coins.

Besides, for fans of quick upgrading, this game would be an ordeal, because it takes long for the crops that cost much but grow slowly to generate profits, especially in the beginning.

Therefore, Barn Buddy is on the whole equally as good as other similar Farm stimulation games. But it is not good enough for a new-comer with nothing new to sell. After all, why would players be interested in a new game that is old same with its predecessors?

Offiicial website: www.facebook.com/barnbuddy

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