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Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes

Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  Syntasia
Developer:  Syntasia
Genre:  Simulation

Baseball Heroes is a anime-style baseball simulation game where you are able to select a city team from the USA, customize your characters and participate in seasons of matches.


Click the opposing team, form the line up, and wait for your turns to hit the ball. Given that the rest of the match is basically text-based, the result is mainly determined by your performance. You are the batter, wait for the pitcher to throw the ball, when the ball reaches the grids beside your character, click the grids and you will strike a home hit, a one base hit, or third base hit. It’s all about the timing. Click early or late and you will strike out.

Every time you level up, you’ll receive a Skill Point which can be spent to improve your character’s performance. There are three types of batting skills: Contact, Power, and Luck. Contact increases the chance of hitting base hits; Power increases the chance of hitting further; and Luck increases the amt. of combo points you receive per base hit.

Baseball heroes isn’t merely about playing games. It is also your responsibility to enhance the equipment and the surrounding of the stadium to increase Ticket Sales. You could give your stadium a background of Lady Liberty, add a new stand, and clear the stadium of garbage every now and then.

The game offers a shopping experience that’s very friendly to players. Mouse over any of the items in the store and you will have a preview of what it would look like as if you used that item around the stadium or on your character. But you’d better be careful and only click the items you are determined to buy. At first, I didn’t notice the preview is enabled simply by hovering over. So I clicked the preview button and had no idea how many backgrounds and stands I bought in that way until I checked my inventory out of curiosity. As a result, I was short of money and couldn’t afford quest items in later tasks.

5 energy points are consumed in each match and given the limited amount of the energy, it’s impossible to play matches on and on. Clearing the garbage littered around the stadium, however, doesn’t cost energy. It actually rewards you with several coins instead. That’s delightful.

For all I know, Baseball Heroes is a mediocre title which attaches players to real-life baseball playing but possesses nothing special enough to pique much interest.

13 Comments on Baseball Heroes


  1. baron ocampo says:


  2. jadesuacillo says:

    nice game i like it !!!!!

  3. @undefined says:

    putapete!! ayaw BH ko..dahil jan sa madau.com.. kinnayo!!

  4. Rio Fangonil says:

    bwiset..ayaw BH ko!! bwisetbwiset na madau.com…

  5. ruben toyo says:

    baseball es lo maccimo

  6. bullshit says:

    this game is rubbish

  7. hawkard says:

    what those comments mean in english

  8. frank says:

    this game sucks I never seen such a bullshits game that's cheat I have elite a cards that cant hit a ball and all red arrows and im the only one on team hitting ball and they have c cards hitting homerun
    I wont spend a dime on this game

  9. buwict ayaw gumana ng bh sa laptop!!!!! khapon pa yaw gumana!:!

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