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Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  ClapAlong
Genre:  Strategy

Leap through time and space and go straightforward to the ancient Greek arenas which are featured with unimaginable violence and conflicts on the one hand, and with delectable elegance and magnificence on the other. The fierce battles among Gods, Giants and Heroes are on the verge of breaking out in the world of Batheo, but have you already adequately prepared to rise to the occasion?

As a recently released browser-based MMORTS by Clapalong, Batheo’s outline originates from the legend that Hades, dominator of the Underworld, is rather unsatisfied with his limited span of control and thus driven by this avariciousness, he instigates other gods to unleash wars against each other in the temporal world, which leads to unbearable suffering and misery to moral existence. Then, as a defender of your homeland, you are supposed to fulfill a hero’s deeds to help these misguided gods rouse from Hades’ deceptions and forge a united front against him.

Batheo, Warflow, Dynasty Saga are the same game yet with different looks.

Similar to many other strategy games, Batheo requires you to take full charge of a city where most daily activities such as farming, manufacturing and military training take place. To make a good start, you are suggested to attach great importance to the training of the generals, which is helpful for your faster promotion. In the meantime, the dwelling construction for all your residents should not be ignored, for how much wealth you can collect largely depend on their ranks.

To be frank, a larger focus is placed on the combats rather than the city construction. According to the military strategy and tactics, “Provisions should be arranged before an army is mobilized”, you should make sure that the provision storage is sufficient for your soldiers to set out for battle without being delayed by troubles back at home, since although the provisions are unnecessary during battles, they are indispensable guarantee for a vigorous team before going on these expeditions.

By the way, for most of the time, put the mainline tasks first, as they will bring you large rewards, which is vital especially for your preliminary stage. Anyway, good luck on your way to strive for supremacy!

Note: This game is not available for Chinese Gamers

The game is hosted by China-based YaoWan International Team and it is also licensed to Yoogames which also publishes much controversial browser MMO Caesary.

In March 2011, Batheo was localized into Chinese version under the new name 泰坦之怒.

Official website http://batheo.clapalong.com/

Chinese Website: http://tt.peiyou.com/

Yoogame Affiliated site: http://www.yoogames.com/batheo/


@greenbeenie60 Lame support, lame graphics, no written rules! Greedy people who want your money and stay away from this game…

@nightmare Batheo stole  game music from Forsaken world and Aion.

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