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Battle Dawn Galaxies

Battle Dawn Galaxies

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Over the past five years, Battle Dawn franchises which are established by the renowned game Company Tacticsoft have won more or less ten thousand active players, with its engaging gameplay spread around the Earth, Mars or fictional worlds. With the expansion of the addictive fans to the Battle Dawn series, the strategic wars in the game are now exacerbated up to the whole galaxy. Here come the new hotspots, all in BattleDawn Galaxies.


Battle Dawn Galaxies, a free-to-play browser strategy MMO, has just made official debut in the market recently. As a brand-new game in the Battle Dawn family, it bears certain similarity to its predecessors in terms of the genre and basic storyline, while stands out as a unique one in many other perspectives, such as the setting, contents in depth as well as the combative design in the game.


The whole story that takes place in the Battle Dawn Galaxies is set in a backdrop wider than before, that is, the entire galaxy being the battle field.

In the very beginning, players all start as the ruler of a small space station in the limitless universe. Grounded on the base, or the colony in this particular game, players will gradually accumulate special resources, build up more functioning buildings, and set up army units, all preparatory for future expansion and later prospect.

To be more specific, four types of resource need hording as more as possible and they are Mineral, Gas, Energy and Worker, each boasting important purpose of its own. Take Energy for example. It is indispensable for scan operation, espionage mission, nuclear missile launching, etc.

With respect to military unit, players are able to build up an army consisting of Fighters, Frigates and Cruisers. With innate credits and curses, all three units can make a powerful entirety only by drawing upon one another’s advantages to compensate one’s own deficit in that the cheapest Fighters are the most agile but poorly armed, Frigates are medium in terms of speed and damage but powerful in close- ranged battles, while Cruisers are the strongest attacker but the slowest unit. While fighting alone, what a player can rely on is his/her talents in the timely judgment of the battle field, in the clever combination of the army units, and in the insightful strategy and tactics.

Yet most of the time, players do not have to fight single-handed, for alliance can be formed with an up-limited fourteen members. Surely two minds are greater than one and joining an alliance is the unavoidable method to dominate the whole galaxies.

What we recommend:

In the sci-fi cosmos high up in the sky, which colony covers the greatest territory, whose battle spaceship radiates the brightest light, and who is going to be the final lord of the galaxy? Only the real fighter knows the answers.

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