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Battle Mushrooms

Battle Mushrooms

Release Date:  November 08, 2012
Publisher:  Startek Invest Limited
Developer:  Startek Invest Limited
Genre:  tower defense

It has been long since we were surprised by the plant-starred tower defense title Plants VS. Zombies. But hey, do you know that a plant-starred defense game can also be quite exciting and intense?


Battle Mushroom puts players in protecting Primus Fungus and Mushroom Pylons with all kinds of battle mushrooms that deal varying damages on enemies of air units or ground units. The real-time strategy and battle requires players to deploy enough Mushrooms Pylons, which provide the important resource, or crystals, to deploy more battle mushrooms and supply energy to them. Once you have no Mushroom Pylons and are unable to deploy one, there will never be enough time to accumulate enough crystals to start over and you will definitely fail.

Few players that have experience in Plants vs. Zombies would play Battle Mushrooms without ever thinking of the former title. However, that doesn’t mean Battle Mushrooms should be a simple knock-off. The new game adopts multiple rules that make it much more difficult to survive the waves of attackers while keeping the Primus Fungus and Mushroom Pylons from any damage. With increasingly powerful and numerous hordes of spiders, beetles and other enemies coming, you have to deploy enough battle mushrooms to defend against them while also have some Mushroom Pylons that enable you to have as many crystals and battle mushrooms as possible.

You are not allowed to put the mushrooms anywhere you want. The Mushroom Pylons have to be near the totems and crystal mines while being not far from the Fungus to capture crystals and strengthen your defense; the battle mushrooms have to be near their companions to provide protection and be close enough to Pylons to get a steady energy supply. That explains why it is necessary sometimes to strategically deploying the Mushroom Pylons in order to enlarge the area you have access to.

Thanks to the 3D pictures and the iOS device, players can now watch closely the success – or failure – of their mushrooms in defense. The shooting of your battling mushrooms and the invasion of those enemies are all vividly animated. However, you will never have to worry about not knowing in which direction the enemies would come. When enemies approach, red arrows will appear on the interface, indicating their specific directions. Actually, you can even deploy your mushrooms based on the directions and numbers of those arrows and getting prepared for the upcoming attacks.

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