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Battle of the Immortals

Battle of the Immortals

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Perfect World
Developer:  Perfect World Entertainment Inc,
Genre:  Fantasy

Battle of the Immortals is a free to play MMORPG by Perfect World, the publisher of Blacklight Retribution, and RaiderZ. The game was officially released for Chinese gamers, and in April, 2010, Perfect World brought it into North America.
Like many of typical MMOs, Battle of the Immortals obeys the same rules of gameplay, that is, pick up quest, talk to NPC, craft weapons and gear, slay monsters and buy items.


Even before Battle of the Immortals comes into being, I have heard enough about it from the hype created by Perfect World Entertainment: mixed lore of Norse and Chinese mythology as background, interesting pets and mounts system, innovative soul-gear design and interesting PvE and PvP, etc. And is the game really like what’s publicized about it? I just played the free-to-download game and drew my own conclusion.

The game offers five playable classes, listed as Berzerker (damage-dealer), Champion (the tank), Magus (magician), Heretic (the healer) and Slayer (assassin). Skills for each class is special and impressive, such as the vitality for Champions and dexterity for slayers; and the five classes are basically balanced. And during character creation, we can define our avatars in the aspects of haircuts, face and image out of several choices, besides the selection of birthday and zodiac. Customization is actually in the minimum; and what’s to distinguish our own avatar from another almost clone-face may be the Pet, Mount or equipped Gear.

Pets, originally being the basic monsters, are available in the early stage and gained easily. All monsters are tagged with an icon Seizable, which will turn into Catchable once being killed. Clicking to catch it, you can see your cursor automatically turn into a rope. And the pet system is fairly developed: you can tame and then feed them, summon 3 pets at most during one fight, distribute gained points among their stats, heal them if necessary, freely disband them to make space for new ones, and so on and so forth. With all these, we surely have a lot to delve into with our pets. As to mounts, they are only available when you level up to Lv.25. And mounts can also be upgraded via Mount Gem to gain better attributes such as speed, looks and equipment.

While pets and mounts are not unusual in lots of games, the Soul Gear system (unlocked at Lv. 45) is not commonly seen. With this setup, we don’t need to remove all stats of the previous gears at last level, but rather can upgrade them as we level up. Once a common piece is upgraded into Soul Gear, it will carry stats more powerful than those of any other pieces of the same level. And additional bonuses will be allotted to avatars which are equipped with more than one piece at a time. Moreover, equipment is also designed with certain animation, such as the changeable position of the handle on a sword. Equally new is another feature known as the Zodiac, set at character creation phase, which will bestow corresponding special powers of the chose star sign based on characters’ selected birth date.

The game provides myriads of instances to explore, gaining XP as well as various rewards. With the daily quests, dungeons and events, I leveled up quickly to Lv. 60 (with a maximum of 120 levels) after about thirty-hour’s play. But unlike most MMORPGs that generally feature powerful bosses to challenge, at least in higher level, the game has multiple small ones to confront instead at each level. Such a design practically eats up much more time. Personally, it comes home to me gradually as I find myself stay unsatisfied for lack of real challenge, only blindly finishing more dungeons each day as remedy.

And I haven’t tried the PvP and known little about it yet. According to friends who have played this part, it’s simple on the whole and Glory gained through victory can be exchanged for nice items.

Under the 2.5D system, Diablo-styled graphics are fairly good, and animation is applied not only to characters and pets but also to certain types of equipment (as mentioned above). Yet what needs working on is the limited vision field of the character: we can only see a few centimeters in the front. Meanwhile, the auto-walk is correspondingly designed in slow pace, incurring too much unnecessary automation which is like lasting forever.

If other flaws are tolerable with no pivotal effects on gameplay, the in-game cash shop is certainly another matter. If you think you can avoid buying objects by playing skillfully and wisely as I did, you’d better give up that thought as early as possible. The craft system is not bad, but requires money. And you just can’t reach the highest levels without it, and there are always some items to buy so as to complete a particular task.

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