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Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Kixeye
Developer:  Kixeye
Genre:  Strategy

Battle Pirates is a naval wargame which allows players to take control of fleets and build their own military base in order to engage in the battles against other Facebook players. The game is developed by Kixeye, best known as the publisher of social games like Backyard Monsters, and War Commander.


What caught me at the first in the game is the opening cinematic which tells a short story of the game.

Like pirate-themed game Skylancer, Battle Pirates is all about efficiently manufacturing and using the primary resources: oil, metal, energy. As most other strategy games make you manage even more types of resources, this means it will be less likely to end in a situation where you are not able to proceed because you run out of just one thing. Additionally, the game does have the energy-based playtime restriction, this means you can keep you fleets busy by plundering weaker NPCs or players for resources as long as you wish. So, resource shortage rarely happens in this game, which makes it a fast-paced game. The interface is intuitive and easy to remember. And likewise, deploying and upgrading buildings is also simple.

One of the very unique and intriguing aspects to Battle Pirates, is the task of designing your own ships. Because the initial amount of related information presented to players is too overwhelming to remember for newbies. So the learning curve is a bit steep. Basically, you need to research hulls, armors, weapons and boost parts. There are dozens of options in each category, with each option being progressively more capable and effective than the last. Then you need to fit the customizable slots on a hull with those weapons, armors and boosters. As I said before, there are lots of factors to consider when designing your own ships. For example, a heavily-armed cruiser without booster engine does not always gain the upper hand in the battleground. Its awkward mobility and turning speed makes it little more than an irritant to a smaller, a bit less equipped, but much faster frigate. Besides, the effects, weight, range of weapons also vary greatly.

The combat in Battle Pirates is proved addicting and fun. It comes with the real-time point-and-click feature. And there are considerably huge amount of strategies involved in manual control. Although overwhelming your target with quantity and technology advantage is a safe way, a seasoned RTS player knows how to take over a band of stronger pirates without taking damage by careful calculation and perfect control.

Battle Pirates is a fierce game of competition. You will be suffering from being bullied by powerful players. In other wargames, you will be forced to quit the game when a powerful player knocks you back to zero with ease, because destroyed armies cannot be revived. But this cannot happen in Battle Pirates. Buildings can be repaired without any down-grade penalty; ships never truly get sunk and can always be repaired. Your base will be protected with shield of immunity after being plundered, which gives plenty of time for repair and resource re-accumulation before your enemy launches the second wave of attack. Best of all, players can only attack the base whose level is 5 levels below them, so stronger players cannot bully the weaker.

A lot of Facebook games turn to be no more than pleasant distractions that can be easily played for only five or 10 minutes, then being ignored because of energy depletion and you will have to wait until the next day. Battle Pirates is a different sort of game entirely. It is time-demanding but it’s also engrossing. If you’re in the market searching for a Facebook experience with deep strategy, Battle Pirates is going to be satisfying and rewarding. If you’re just someone who likes Facebook games to offer a bit of relaxation among work breaks or distraction during TV commercials, this is probably not an appropriate game for you.

10 Comments on Battle Pirates


  1. Joseph says:

    This is not totally accurate when you consider the amount of time it takes to compete against much more advanced players and they continually attack and destroy your fleets or base. I believe the term is a "farm" where they can come back and get resources for blowing you away. The best and only way to combat this is spend a lot of money or obtain alliances from other more advanced players. Better off getting a life.

  2. Kaelen says:

    Are you even allowed to play it without Facebook?

  3. tux says:

    acualy most sectors adhear to the no hitting in sector rule and the big help the small "farms" aginst there attackers just fvi and no you sadly gotta do fb to get battle pirats

  4. Dan Johnston says:

    I have wasted (actually enjoyed), many hours of play on this game and could happily say that it is easily the best of it's kind around. The simplicity of the game play, paired with the complexity of the strategies required for success alone give it the crown for me. Then there is there is the interaction with other players, not only in comms but with game-play as well and if that isn't enough then surely the icing on the cake has to be the constant organic nature of the game, new challenges are added on a regular basis with new enemies to defeat, new technologies which better equip you for your battles. And finally to top it all, you will always have room to grow. No matter whether you are top dog or not, there is always a noob out there that could hand you your ass and have you re-writing the book, so to speak.
    I have to admit I am an addict and I know most who play get the bug to, so come join us and send some scurvy cum to the bottom of Davie Jones locker, arrgggg. Lol But seriously, if you do, come find me Fallen_FF_Slayer aka Dan Johnston

  5. Neil says:

    I just want to leave the game and not have any updates from it or have it appear in the margin of my Facebook page. Nowhere have I found information about that.

  6. jango_fett says:

    they also love too ban you for no reason, stupid game company that doesn't care about its paying customers…

  7. Tim Willoby says:

    Yeah they ban u for being a good player and winning raids. game is rife with cheaters and hackers that they get ban happy and ban anyone that raises flags. Try talking about it in their forums and they ban u there also. Good luck getting anything but frustration from this game.

  8. vty says:

    fuck this man i DONT WNT TO USE F.B.

  9. ELAINE78904823 says:

    If your looking for a Battle Pirates Guide, Base Design Layout, Fleet Builds, you will find this useful, check out http://bpoutpost.com

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