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Battle Shard

Battle Shard

Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy, Fighting

Battle Shard is a browser-based fighting game where you build your power core, collect new shard artifacts and powers, battle against opponents. The game is developed by Kabam, which publishes strategy games such as EdgeWorld and Dragons of Atlantis.


Battle Shard is similar to Batheo in the introduction of a new system into an old gameplay. But Battle Shard manages to offer a new experience.

It is still about leveling up, opening up new structures, upgrading buildings, enhancing your equipment, and battling against enemies now and then. The battles are all turn-based and automatic, which necessitates the enhancement of weapons and gears.

The game would just be cliché without the shard system. Players sometimes get to collect shards through battles and can activate them – in other words, put them on the avatar. In that way, they will be allowed to unleash the attacks enabled by the shards. But it would never be that simple. Surely, you need to find superior shards, but you also need to upgrade them. Just to clarify, the success rate of those upgrades is not 100%.

Remember how you recruit companions to battle with you and how you struggle to upgrade the various formations and open up new slots for more heroes or companions? Well, you won’t be facing multiple enemies (as far as I can see now). So you wouldn’t be in want of any help. Nonetheless, the formation and upgrading stuff would still be inescapable – only this time it is all for the shards. To be specific, if you wanna have more shards equipped, you need to upgrade the cortex you prefer (and before that, you need to upgrade the cortex shrine first); and a change in the formation might change the battle result sometimes.

Like many strategy games, Battle Shard adopts cooldown systems. Two builder teams are offered from get-go and each could handle up to two hours of projects – that is to say, you can have the upgrade complete right away and after each upgrade, the team needs some time to cool down. But you can still finish other upgrades. However when the total cooldown time is longer than 2 hours, the builder team would not be available until that time ends.

Not just the building upgrades need cooldown, the upgrades of shard, the cortex, and gear, as well as the gold collection, all have a timer and as long as the specific time cap is reached, you will have to wait until the time is up.

With all those cooldown and waits, you will never have a fast growth without paying real money. However, the most dreadful design would be the gold collection – one can collect gold for a maximum of 50 times per day but when the time of your collections is longer than thirteen minutes or so, you will have to wait until the cooldown finishes. Given the fact that the waits get longer and longer as you collect more, you would have to keep waiting for many hours before you’re done with the collections although you might have little to do other than wait and upgrade various things.

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