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Release Date:  March 06, 2013
Publisher:  Traviangames
Developer:  Crenetic GmbH
Genre:  RPG

In coming weeks, you will have a chance to raise your own pets and monsters, cute yet aggressive. You will face a series of challenges ahead. Get started on the free virtual world with your beloved monsters.

The comic series inspired browser MMO Battlemons delivers you an adventurous encounter in the colorful and extraordinary comic world where your monsters star and conquer other creatures in the action-packed battles.

In the wake of official launch of Miramagia, Germany-based game Publisher Traviangames just presented us a second browser game by third-party maker Crenetic GmbH. Finally, a genuine artist masters the new latest technology and brings such modern cute browser game possible. Battlemons is likely to place players in exultation with its casual style gameplay, violence-free theme and web browser battling technology.

However, Battlemons does go alongside the way as Miramagia offers in terms of cartoonish look, pet raising, magical skills and colorful virtual world.

“Battlemons is our latest efforts to make violence-free online role-playing game with witty look and its open Beta is likely to kick off this summer, with German and English language available” said Traviangames.

“Battlemons is our first browser-based flash game that is scheduled to appear in the market in the summer of 2001 and we are using latest technology to raise the standard to browser MMO games.” said, Crenetic that develops PC Games, Nintendo DS games and Xbox 360.

If you like online monster mmo, we recommend you play Microsoft’s browser game NeoSaurs before Battlemons comes out. http://www.neosaurs.com/


Battlemons is a browser-based simulation title developed by Germany-based Crenetic GmbH. In the game, players raise baby monsters, hone their skills and then send them to battle against other monsters for great achievements and rewards.

Set in a cartoony world, Battlemons has all the finely designed and crafted structures, monsters, human characters as well as surprising details inside those structures. The training equipment in Trainingsplatz looks primitive but interesting while the toys hanging and the small monster fanning the sleeping Battle monsters both make the Stall a nice place for a good rest.

You obtain food by fulfilling quests and the food will in trun help feed the monsters and enhance their mood. After your placing the monsters in the beds inside stall, they will fall fast asleep until you awaken them or until they replenish energy. Their sleep takes a long time and before the energy is refilled, you can hardly do anything with the game.

Players can send their monsters to battle against NPCs in the wilderness or other players’ pets in the arena. The combat is turn-based and players use skill cards (which can be used repeatedly as long as the cooldown is over) to deal a blow to enemy monsters. Since each type of monster sports distinctive skills and each skill can be released in a uniquely entertaining way, the battles are visually amusing and enjoyable. For example, you might drop huge rocks on your enemies or get your monster sucked into some swirl of wind.

The game offers an animated tutorial and ambiguous mission descriptions, which obviously complicates the whole gaming process. In the initial tutorial quests, the pictures on the left of the task dialog boxes are animated and clear enough for players to follow without demanding even a glimpse of the descriptions. However, that only occurs a few times before the dialog boxes only provide static pictures and vague information. The supposed mission summaries on top are never precise conclusions or whatever – one will never know what they should do by reading those summaries. And the descriptions also tend to provide more of the game story information rather than the mission itself or how to do it right. Anyway, in many cases, it takes a while before one can figure out the goal and manage to achieve it. It wouldn’t hurt if one has to come up solutions to complete quests, but sometimes the game just doesn’t state clearly what should be done and that is irritably frustrating.

Everything in Battlemons, including hatching, feeding, resting, training and battling, bear some resemblance to earlier titles such as Monster Life, Dragon City, Dragons of Atlantis and Pokemon series. For example, the food for battle monsters in the game is classified into many categories as in Monster Life while two monsters could breed a new monster egg, which is the same as in Dragon City.

Battlemons is visually stunning and pleasing, with a peppery sense of humor and fun. But it could be better if there were more types of monsters that can be raised, and most importantly, the mission descriptions should be explained to the point that players can easily understand what they ought to do, especially for those with little knowledge of the Formula of Pokemon.

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  3. Toucan says:

    This is a rip off of Pokemon! >.>

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  5. Aminee Lyee says:

    Battlemons is visually stunning and pleasing, with a peppery sense of humor and fun.

  6. Darkness says:

    O jogo foi encerrado. :´(

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