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Be the Castellan and Conquer the Whole Medgate

Sara Lau
Oct 9,2012  01:10 by

YouJoy, which has made an impressive achievement of the last two months in both revenue and online active users, pushed ahead with its exclusively licensed browser game Odin Quest, opening the 6th server for the North American market and 1st server for gamers living in the EST zone.

The 1st EST server “Medgate” of Odin Quest will be released at 08:00, 9, October, 2012 (EST) in order to respond to players’ enthusiasm for this new game and make it more convenient for players from different time zones. Moreover, New realm and territory are released along with the latest server opening.

In case of those unfamiliar with Odin Quest, it is a browser-based “MMOARPG” based on Nordic myth that is originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century.

Every newbie on Medgate has the chance to be the top and the governor in the new server, but you must do your best to level up and obtain more advanced powerful equipment. In order to achieve that, players must set off to explore thrilling dungeons in Medgate such as “Underground Dungeon” and “Battle in Elfhame”.

Besides, on the way to become the best, talent and powerful companions are necessary. So you must challenge the Pet Island or get in the Shop to obtain a talent and advanced pet. Then you can search different Evo Stones or talent crystals to improve the pet’s strength.

Of course, in order to be the best, you should obtain the glory title of Castellan of Medgate to prove yourself when you reach a certain level and become strong enough. City Battle is the battle you must win. Call upon your members in Alliance to enter the battlefield, snag the SoulBlade and hold for the required duration, then the player who takes the SoulBlade will be the honorable Castellan. All players in Castellan’s team will obtain rewards and the Castellan will be awarded the unique and supreme skin.

Publisher: http://youjoy.com/

Official Website: http://oq.youjoy.com/oq/index2.html

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