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Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

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Being mortal, mankind’s life is numbered, with days losing in every patient yet ruthless ticktack of the time. It is said that every minute accounts, for once lost in the past tense, it can never be relived again. Now please consider the question, how can you spend sixty seconds happily without regret? Answers to it will undoubtedly differ: to read a small poem, to listen to a little music, to tell a hilarious joke, to offer a hearty compliment, and so on and so forth. Now PopCap Games adds a new entry into the choice list, that is, to play a round of Bejeweled Blitz.

Bejeweled Blitz is the fourth among the Bejeweled family, a series of fast-paced games in the puzzle category developed by PopCap Games, in which players swap and match gems to make at least three of the same color and shape to form a row on the eight-by-eight grid of game screen. Once a basic three is matched, gems in the line disappear with more falling down from above to refill the blankness; and if a match of four or more gems is created, special effects will be activated to generate great rewards. To achieve as a high score as possible in fixed sixty seconds is the goal of the game, and the urgency of time creates a fast-paced, challenging competition atmosphere to drive players to set their eyes, mind and hands all in high gear.

While maintaining the basic gameplay, Bejeweled Blitz further introduces innovative elements along with better graphics to stand out in this series. Players can conceive its greater playability immediately from an improvement in the acceleration of time for replacing gems to fall down. That is to say, players can carry on swapping and matching action uninterruptedly without waiting for gems to refill the blank places. It will without fail to quicken the pace of gaming. Moreover, such speeding up can be taken by players, if they keep non-stop clearing up gems, into Blazing Speed state, under which every matching can generate explosive effect to greatly enhance performance and lead to high score. What’s more, a new Star Gem is included as well. Players match five gems not in a line but in the shape of an L or T, then a Star Gem will be activated to eliminate all around its vicinity.

Besides the innovation mentioned above, Bejeweled Blitz also allows players to enjoy a recreational badge-collection. Challenging and entertaining, this game is a nice choice to fill every minute with fresh happiness.

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