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BigHead Bash

BigHead Bash

Release Date:  June 1, 2012
Publisher:  Spicy Horse Games
Developer:  Spicy Horse Games
Genre:  Shooter

BigHead Bash is a free online side-scrolling casual shooting game developed by Spicy Horse Games behind Crazy Fairies and an upcoming adventure RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, which we have covered in our unofficial gaming section.

In the game, players can collect and purchase toy characters, namely Brands: Alice, Card Guard, Chesire Cat, Insane Child or Mad Hatter, and weapons like Ray Gun, Rocket Launcher or Chainsaw. To play, players simply left mouse button to shoot an enemy and right/scroll to switch weapons. What the game might slightly be different from other shooters is the Bash Mode that allows players to accumulate Score Points, which are contributed by Combat Action. When Bash Mode is activated, you’ll get buffed with a faster movement, faster firing rate, shorter reloading time, and slight HP regeneration.


BigHead Bash shouldn’t be that fun. After all, it simply adopts comparatively complicated key controls and allows players to enter small 3D side-scrolling places to battle against opposing teams. Taking Crazy Fairies as the best that Spicy Horse can offer, I did not bear high anticipation for Big Head Bash initially. But it turns out to be as easy as it can be but in the meantime, it’s incredibly fantastic.

Spicy Horse still stays true to its typical practice of deploying and twisting famous characters. This time, it would be all about the toys. Those toys, which can be purchased and then used as your avatars, include amusing figures such as Bush-whacker, Albert III, Obaminator, Don Joe, Peckerhead, and Angry Cadaver.

In a game with the original key controls like this, you should never miss the tutorial. With keys like A, D and spacebar, you can move the character right or left and make it jump. When you are on some soft platforms, pressing S would enable you to drop through them. Left click to open fire; right click or scroll the mouse to exchange between your two weapons.

Get used to the key controls and you are ready to choose a game to join or to create a game yourself. The maps differ in terms of location, duration and capacity. There are jungles, Toy Stores, factories and bad places. And the time ranges from three to seven minutes.

In the rooms, players are randomly divided into two teams and then try to kill enemies as many times as possible. When time is up, the team that achieves more kills would win and the winners would be rewarded with money and collectible items.

In BigHead Bash, the last thing you should do is to stay still somewhere. Enemies would be happy to come from any direction and shoot you to death. Since this game is side-scrolling, you can only jump into the air or drop through the platform beneath you to avoid attacks. If you are lucky enough, you can also run out of the range or hide behind something. It is not a big deal for anyone to get hurt. There are first aid cases in certain places in each room and those cases could increase your HP. But keep this in mind: the cases need time to recover after they are used and therefore you have to find more to replenish your HP – if you are damaged that much and if you could ever reach another place with a case. People die all the times and those characters that kill others would grow larger and their heads would be rather big – I guess that is the main reason why the game is named Big Head Bash.

You have two weapons from the get-go, and can purchase later after you accumulate enough money by winning the game. Like in Crazy Fairies, you can buy whatever weapons you want, but you are allowed to bring only two to your games. The weapons are of various shooting ranges and power and can meet different needs. Some of them release steady and destructive shots over long distances, making it almost inescapable for the targets to get hurt and die.

And in Big Head Bash, you don’t have to search through the lobby for a game to join. Nine out of ten rooms are empty. When I enter the game, there was no other player. The only way to start a real game is to pick up a room yourself and wait for others to join you. The larger room you select, the more players might come.

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