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Bigpoint Displays Gameglobe and Other New Browser Games at Gamescom 2012

Sara Lau
Aug 1,2012  02:08 by

We just wrapped up this year’s ChinaJoy, and now the next big event of gaming comes to Germany’s Gamescom.

Bigpoint today announced that they are going to partner with Square Enix to present the highly customizable game platform Gamegloe in Hall 8, booth C025/B024 and in the B2B area ( booth A042 in Hall 4.1), there would be more surprising events in celebration of Bigpoint’s 10 year’s presence in the industry.

Below are some game excerpts we picked up on Internet. If you happened to visit Bigpoint’s booth, the information below may help you understand something you might want to know.


SquareEnix has introduced a fascinating gaming project to players, which is crafting your own adventurous worlds with the provided items and inviting other players to explore your creations. It will help unearth your artistic potentials and build anything you could think of. If you have watched the gameplay trailer on YouTube or seen its exhibitions on E3 2012, you will be attracted by its elegant artwork and totally free activities. This gameplay is sure to become the leading sample of the new generation games. Can’t wait to meet creators all over the world and their imaginative works? Play the demo at Gamescom 2012.

Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms

If you happen to be a fanboy of Game of Thrones, you must be fascinated by the epic wars and the twisted stories. Here comes Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, a browser game based on the story and it will develop beyond the story as players rush into the game and rewrite the history of the seven kingdoms. What kind of carrier would you prefer? An honorable knight fights with pride and dignity, or a servant behind traitors living by deceiving? Choose your own path without hesitate and fight for what you have been longing for. There is plenty of time for you to think twice since the game is not yet available.

Universal Monsters Online

Universal monsters have gathered in a small town fighting each other, creating chaos and panic to the world. Some of them came to life from horrible movies, some from unknown under world, while others were heard just in legends or stories. Sitting still won’t be helpful, becoming a monster and strike back is what you need to do. Universal Monsters Online is a multiplayer competing browser game in beta test. Go bring down the enemy defense, take out their headquarters and take the damsel back to your base. However before that, you will have to destroy properties and take lives to be a more powerful monster. It may sound a bit violent. However the gaming experience is rather catching.

Ice Age Online

Ice Age series have been world renowned for years, and Bigpoint recently created an adventurous world for Sid and his friends, that is, Ice Age Online. It is a browser based game that shares a similar gameplay with Super Mario, a classical game with a long history. Jumping around, hitting nuts and escaping to the safe spot with simple controls. The game is a nice choice for casual times. Since it is made into a social game, competing with friends and showing off your achievements will always be such an appealing feature.


Are you a Bigpoint fan? If not, you won’t regret to be one. Bigpoint has published many crafted browser games with well set gameplays. FantasyRama is not an exception. The enchanted fairy theme worked pretty well in attracting players and fans of farming simulation games. Its epic artwork suggests that the developers are extremely talented and designed all those scenes with full heart. Or players wouldn’t feel like to stay in a game of a similar gameplay which had beed introduced long time ago. Without a limitation of the available lands, you could plant your fairy plants all over your land an enjoy the happiness brought by the big harvest.

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  1. Kid says:

    Hope they'll get that thing with GoT SK right! I think gamers would REALY appreciate good PvP game with territory control.

    Good luck, guys!

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