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Biz Tycoon

Biz Tycoon

Release Date:  September 16, 2012
Publisher:  KeyRun
Developer:  KeyRun
Genre:  Simulation

Biz Tycoon, developed by China-based KeyRun, is an online HD business simulation game for iOS devices. In the game, you can be an entrepreneur, stock trader, college student, strategist or an ordinary employee to start your own business and aspire to be the best business magnate in the world. It is all your decision.

It was released in 2010 for browsers, available in Chinese language. In September 16, 2012, Biz Tycoon is specifically designed for iOS devices.


Biz Tycoon simply transplants itself from worldwide web browser to App Store, with a few twists and a handful of optimizations for iPad. It turns out to be a worth-downloading app for both simulation gamers and business practitioners although the concept of Biz Tycoon is attributed to Business Tycoon Online or Rich State, released by Dovogame.

As a touchscreen version of Business Tycoon game, Biz Tycoon disqualifies for a seek-for-perfection game with changes from the web browser’s “point-to-click” to iOS’s touch-to-tap, devoid of two figure’s touch and advanced animated effects. All that does not pose a big problem for such a slow-paced game, but it leads to an unpleasant experience. And the real problem is perhaps that the data cannot be synchronized simultaneously as you check the prices of the futures. You will have to tap the futures frequently in order to get the newest prices, down or up , to determine whether you sell or buy the items shown in the market. This problem also reflects on the system of the reward that confines you to claim the rewards each time you complete a quest. Ideally, the rewards should be automatically claimed and simultaneously to or cash balance. This is what an iOS game is supposed to be and will be.

The gameplay, as described above, primarily revolves around business management and Commodity Futures Trading. The latter provides a way to get you price differentials while the former lets you consume all you get. No matter you build your company, hire employees, or open your retail shops, you must spend in-game Cash.

At the core of the game is the Cash Shop where you can directly buy Gold to power up the growth of your company, leading to the fact “Pay to Win”. Early on, you cannot feel the pressure of upgrading or building, but when you reach level 10, you will feel short of Gold or Cash, which is hard to get from the futures trading.

There are many Chinese browser games ready to be listed on App Store or Goole Play Store, but this one is such a commonplace title as the online version is.

7 Comments on Biz Tycoon


  1. Game lover says:

    Game will not allow me to appoint an expect in HR……Help!!!

  2. Game lover says:

    Oops .. Executive*

  3. Jai says:

    Same problemo

  4. Eve says:

    Hey store stopped making money as in the accounts receivable is at a stand still. What can I do ?

  5. Canku says:

    How is it possible to restart my game?

  6. Bel says:

    Y suddenly dont allow us to switch accounts???? Y no pre announcement …. I am now in my sub account n not able to go back to my main….


  7. D Brown says:

    Cannot switch accounts, Why did this happen with no warning ??? User:dlbrown285

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