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Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Reakktor
Developer:  Reakktor
Genre:  action

Will you sometimes wonder what the world is going to be like in the future? Michael Marrack, a well-acclaimed Sci-Fi writer, gives you a fantastic panorama of our life centuries later in Black Prophecy, a 3D space-themed MMORPG developed by Reakktor Media and published by Gamigo.

Set in the 26th century, Black Prophecy presents the ambitious expansion as well as marvelous evolvement of mankind that has succeeded to colonize a small potion of the infinite galaxy. But the journey of conquest will never cease for the two dominating factions, that is, the Tyi which is made up of cybernetically enhanced humans, and the Genides which comprise biogenetically perfected humans. They are now planning to conquer a new territory which is occupied by a formidable alien race called the Restorers. Here is where you come into play.

You can choose between the two factions. But before you make the decision, you’d better get a clear idea of their advantages and differences. In detail, the Tyi boasts enviable endurance and mighty strength which enables them to be free from radiation attacks. And since they are modeled after robots, they even have access to changeable organs. The Genides, on the other hand, can easily adapt to all kinds of hostile environments, so they possess an aura of impregnability to all diseases. What’s more, they can communicate with their comrades via telepath. To sum up, each has incomparable edges that set it apart from the other, so feel free to choose your preferred one!

Undoubtedly, the main focus of Black Prophecy consists in accomplishing PVE and PVP missions. You can participate in quests in solo or within a team of up to ten players, and of course, the bonus for a team work is much more bountiful. Experience points matter greatly in this game because you will have access to different weapons accordingly.

You will be confined in your spaceship most of the time, but fortunately, you will have plenty of things to engage in, such as crafting. In fact, the most effective way to lay hands on advanced items is to do it yourself. Once you obtain a blueprint, you can start to gather up required resources and then assemble them into a useful object.

In conclusion, Black Prophecy leaves nothing to be desired as a Free-to-Play title in terms of futuristic storyline, enhanced graphics, immersive combat and fast-paced content. Still, there are some minor flaws like limited rewards and modes, but its general charm will not be overshadowed.

Official website: http://www.blackprophecy.com/

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  1. mmogamesite says:

    If you really love stargaze the galaxy, I’d like to recommend this game to you. With sci-fi elements, the 3D MMORPG ‘Black Prophecy’ comes on the stage, offering you a chance of watching the sky so closely, thanks to the high-quality graphics.

    While enjoying the space, you can only stay in your spaceship and run your space stations! Isn’t that exciting? The fast-paced gameplay will give you a totally different gaming experience. The large scale PvP events should be another reason for my recommendation. The game may have a little action-oriented taste, but all in all, it’s an excellent sci-fi MMO.

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