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Blacklight: Retribution Closed Beta Release Date Confirmed

Sara Lau
Oct 9,2011  03:10 by

Perfect World has finally confirmed the closed beta release date for its MMOFPS titled Blacklight: Retribution. And the four-day beta tests are going to go through two phases, first starting on October 27, 2011, and then followed by the second open on November 10.

“Closed beta is another step towards a game that we know people will have a great time playing,” stated Jared Gerritzen, the director of the development team of Zombie Studios, adding “yet, during the beta tests, only a selected group of numbered players are able to get the first hands-on experience in the game from October 27 to 30, and from November 10 to 13.”

As a sequel to the popular Blacklight: Tango Down, Retribution simulates its predecessor in the sci-fi setting and action-packed style, but surpasses it to stand out in many fronts, such as even improved graphics and balanced gameplay in the support of the Unreal Engine 3 and DirectX 11, richer weapons, load-outs and characters to be customized, and fiercer combat in greater scales, etc. Also different from Tango Down that is also run on console, Retribution is made exclusively for the PC. Moreover, it may delight players greatly with its free-to-play business mode supplementary with microtransaction.

As said by Jared Gerritzen, Blacklight Retribution has been developed with a hard-earned labor of love, and received positively even before it comes into being. In light with the released information online about it, fast-paced gun-battles that take place in multitude of geographically diversified locations are about to swirl players into ruthless, realistic crossfire that has never been shot before.  In-game avatars can even be equipped with Rocket-powered mech suits, which implies as the tip of the iceberg the extent of potential fierceness of the shooting.

The upcoming beta tests are by no means able to grant enough access to all eager shooting fans, but those who don’t get the chance to join the first two phases are not necessarily upset, for more phases are implied to be just around the corner too. Also, the player data during tests will be erased as each phase ends. So it is the same starting line for all when the full version of it is launched into the market in 2012.

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