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Blade Lords

Blade Lords

Release Date:  October 27, 2012
Publisher:  PlaySoft Games
Developer:  PlaySoft Games
Genre:  Fighting

Blade Lords is a free to play fighting game for iOS devices developed by PlaySoft. The game strongly reassembles “Street Fighters” in terms of gameplay while it also brings story-driven missions that help players to learn Eastern, especially Japanese, Martial Arts background and to become the best warrior in history.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Blade Lords offers extremely sharp graphics and high quality resolution textures for characters and environments.


The core gameplay of Blade Lords is a combination of role playing adventure and 1v1 fighting. Players could choose one of four characters at the very beginning, and engage in the 1v1 Fighting against AI-controlled rivals. As players progress, they may unlock the rest three with the Coins gained through quest or purchased directly with real Money. The first few quests serve to sharpen player’s fighting skills and help them master the basics of controls by challenging opponents. During the fighting, players, who role play as wandering swordmasters, are able to pause the fighting and check character commands list to review combos and attack commands. The competitions are set to best two out of three rounds reminiscent of Street Fighters series.

As mentioned above, there are four fighters available: Sakuraba, Hitodama, Kyogen and Kateryn. Each character is specifically designed to go through a different storyline, but they are all dedicated to saving the world from the Dark Lord. In essence, the commands each fighter uses are basically the same. They all have normal attacks, special attacks, Throws and Heaven’s Art (a heavy blow attack with multiple fight sequences).

Controls of Blade Lords are not new to fans of Street Fighters series and they are easy to pick up. A virtual pad controls character’s movement (walk, crouch, jump, dash, guard). You can dash forward of backward by quickly tapping a direction twice. Your right hand controls three buttons: Press the A button to perform a light attack and press it multiple times for a basic combo; Press the B button to perform a heavy attack and press it multiple times for a basic combo. While very close to your opponent, press forward + A to throw him behind you, or forward + B to throw him in front of you; Press and hold the S Button for charged special attacks: when you see a white flash, relase S for a charge level 1; Wait longer and release S at the blue flash for a charge level 2.

Special attacks will use special orbs refill automatically over time when you are attacked or attacking. You cannot launch a special attack if you are out of orbs. You can also perform different attacks by pressing a direction + A, B, or S. Light (A), Heavy (B) and Special (S) attacks can also be chained together to perform powerful combos!

Every time you hit your opponent or get hit, the blue energy bar fills up. Once it is full, you can use it to launch your most powerful attack: your Heaven’s Art! When the energy bar is full and the symbol lights up, press it to perform your Heaven’s Art. The symbol of the Heaven’s Art is located far away from your virtual pad, and it often leads to attacks that the rival may has already prepared to guard.

Visually, Blade Lords sticks to the style of japanese style characters and environments and the color of characters are perfectly matched with environments. The stages easily remind you of eastern structures and buildings. The most eye-catching, is definitely the effect of Heaven’s Art when released. It always gives players a surprise when releasing such critical attack.

Blade Lords also features a character customization mechanic that allows players to equip different weapons and costumes as well as potions of various functions. It will consume some Coins, but they can be obtained through quest. As a free to play title, this business mode is acceptable as long as it will not ruin the combat balance.

There is an upcoming Duel Mode, you will be able to play competitive fight against other players around the world. With this online duel mode, the balance may be broken by the paid items, but Blade Lords, at its core, is a genuinely intense fighting game with clear 3D characters, compelling storyline and multiple attack combos. If there are more characters to be added in the future, it will be a great substitute to the mobile game Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile.

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  1. Mehico says:

    Wow it's must have then if it has 9.0, i hope it's bug-free 🙂

  2. Alberto says:

    This game is awesome! A definate must-have! 🙂

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