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Blizzard Entertainment Takes Legal Action against World of Lordcraft

Sara Lau
Jun 16,2011  03:06 by

China-based 71Wan, “上海齐玩网络技术有限公司”, the maker of spoof game of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, redirected its domain www.worldoflordcraft.com to WOW, suggesting Blizzard Entertainment took legal action aimed at the obviously copyright infringement involved by 齐玩网络.

World of Lordcraft is a browser MMORPG inspired and stolen from World of warcraft in terms of artworks, graphics, and contents.

Below is Blizzard Entertainment’s statement:

Your visit of www.worldoflordcraft.com has been redirected to this webpage.

As a result of legal actions taken by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., www.worldoflordcraft.com has ceased offering the “WORLD OF LORDCRAFT” game.

Blizzard Entertainment has invested a great deal of time, creativity, energy, and resources in building the Warcraft® and World of Warcraft® game series into famous, world-class franchises that have achieved popularity with gamers around the globe. As a company whose existence depends on the creative content it produces, Blizzard has always taken measures to protect its intellectual property rights around the world, and will continue to take action — including legal action, when necessary — against those who infringe upon those rights.

If you wish to learn more about Blizzard and its products, please visit Blizzard’s official website www.blizzard.com

7 Comments on Blizzard Entertainment Takes Legal Action against World of Lordcraft


  1. joey says:

    yeh i had a WoW account n yaws shit was laggy, filled with noobs n costs a fortune u can kiss my white ass

  2. […] Blizzard took legal action and cracked down on China based 齐玩, forcing the domain http://www.WorldofWarcraft.com to redirect to Battle.net/wow, still the game Lordcraft […]

  3. marc says:

    The Chinese might be smart, but names like World of Warcraft, and World of Lordcraft must at least make similar stick houses and scribbles in their language. Or maybe "love you long time" was thrown in too many times by the Fire Fox translation engine for their marketing and legal team to make the distinction. Either way if they had called it "Fat ass hamburger eating magic user lords of the West" they would have made a mint and still be in business. Fear of knowing your market translates to weak excuses like total plagiarism. Better luck next time guys, the game was a good idea even tho it wasn't yours. My visa was almost out of my pocket……..

  4. Gary says:


  5. Chris says:

    i think blizzard should be sued from ruining peoples businesses and careers. I say the hell with blizzard and all of their bullshit products they make. I will never play a game that blizzard has had a hand in making. as far as i am concerned world of warcraft was garbage all you ever got to do on there was put up with lag, gold farmers, and hackers.

  6. Nyne says:

    Blizzard didn't make this game you morons. Blizzard is suing them for their likeliness. This game is World of Lordcraft which Blizzard has nothing to do with. If Blizzard put money in a game it would be a multi million dollar game… do your research.

  7. Nyne says:

    But yes the Chinese ripped this game off Blizzards World of Warcraft and this game is horrible.

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