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Blood & Glory: Legend

Blood & Glory: Legend

Release Date:  August 29, 2012
Publisher:  Glu Games
Developer:  Glu Games
Genre:  Action, RPG

Blood & Glory: Legend is just one of those games that amaze you so much that you think to yourself: this is how it should be, but soon disappoints you with inescapable micro-transactions and then you would say to yourself: huh, here it comes.


Dazzling players with its brilliant and high-end graphics that vary in each battle, Blood & Glory: Legend doesn’t offer complicated battling mechanics. You can pick it up whenever you want, follow the instructions that appear occasionally on the screen, pay close attention to the actions of your enemy, and at the same time ensure your hero’s blood isn’t dried up.

The arenas, gladiators, and everything you see during the battle are depicted with enough details that trick you into believing you are watching a fight in person. The gladiators pant during fights, stop to regain some strength after suffering from a hit and even pose in their own ways before the fights commence.

Controls are quite simple. You flip the buttons scattered in the bottom to attack, dodge or defend and when necessary, you can use an attack, dodge or health potion to cause more damages, increase your dodging chances or recover the HP.

All the realistic visuals and intuitive controls keep telling you: yeah, this is how it should be and this is how we like it. However, at first, the game seems far too easy for you to care: enemies’ actions are too predictable, and there is always plenty of time for you to get prepared for their next moves. It started off like this but before you know it, your character would be beaten to death.

And that’s exactly how problems arise. The superior weapons, heroes, and potions will be necessary, or to be exact, essential. Sometimes if you don’t use them, you won’t be able to win the battles, complete quests, and obtain the rewards. But those things can be purchased by using crystals, which are obviously the premium currency in this game. You would own enough crystals for buying potions only at first and would have to purchase more using real money. In that way, the game finally falls into the “free-to-play but pay-to-win” type.

Also the gameplay is practically identical to that of the predecessor, Blood & Glory, and Glu’s latest Eternity Warriors 2 and hence there, I’m afraid, isn’t any surprise on that front. But still, the detailed and finely-crafted pictures guarantee a unique gaming experience rarely seen in free gaming markets. Well, free? To some extent, maybe.

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