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Blood Ninja

Blood Ninja

Release Date:  May 18, 2012
Publisher:  Team Drill
Developer:  Team Drill
Genre:  Arcade, Action

Blood Ninja is a free iPad game where players role play as a mini Ninja to engage in battles against zombies in a side scrolling maps. The game is identical to Glorious Quest in gameplay.


The only thing you need to be concerned about is your character itself-no territory or people to protect from those undead. In most cases, you could tap right or left icon on the left bottom of the interface but as a matter of fact, you are confined within a very small area, or range, to be exact, and confronted with zombies.

The tutorial, which only introduces functions of different sections on the interface, is simple enough to follow, as is the overall gameplay. Attacks are at the right bottom. You can cut, stab, or even strike the approaching zombies using darts. Flip right or left for two consecutive times, and your character rushes to the direction and can hopefully avoids attacks from several zombies – that is happening only when there are not many of them and your character could easily finds its way between them. Click the button that unleashes darts simultaneously with right or left, the character will take a giant leap, which is the major countermeasure you could adopt. Progression gradually unlocks different skill combos.

Maybe it’s common sense that it could turn into a catastrophe when enemies of little harm come in flocks. Well, in Blood Ninja, zombies always are in small numbers-there are never too many of them, just enough to drain all your blood. That sort of simplifies the display, at the same time frustrates and excites me just to keep at it. The tricky stuff in the game is that instead of coming all from the same direction, the zombies are from both directions. You could easily dodge attacks by waving the sword ceaselessly when enemies are all on the same side of you but are prone to getting hurt when you are attacking some enemies with others behind your back. After using all the HP packs, I still could not fulfill certain quests. So I instruct my character to jump whenever a dart draws near or when my character is in the middle of zombies (which could obviously focus my defense and attacks all in one direction, reducing the damage on my character to the minimum degree).

Even after I got familiar with the control, my character can still lose its HP quickly in battles against boss zombies who apparently do not battle alone. They have their subordinates, which cause fatal damages when coupled with the invincible power of the bosses. There is a boss who dresses like a clown but uses large darts as weapons and a big boss with a huge bone in his hand who sometimes jumps up into the sky and drops on my character. There was times when I got hit by that bloody bone, thinking about having a dog with me to take the bone away. Anyway, my character died a lot and almost all my money is spent on HP packs. By the way, all the outfits, weapons, special attacks and HP packs must be equipped after being purchased or obtained; otherwise you will not have access to them in battles at all.

Completion of one level unlocks the next and some of the levels merely ask you to choose a sealed box from which you can obtain a certain amount of gold.

Yeah, Blood Ninja is simple enough but never lacks in excitement. It is a game where bleeding is not only natural, but also thrilling – I am talking about that of the zombies, of course. When it comes to my character, it will be a totally different story.

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