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Blood Rites

Blood Rites

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Kongzhong Corporation
Developer:  Kongzhong Corporation
Genre:  fantasy

When one hears the name of Blood Rites, one may wonder: is it referring to the horror film or the novel? It may be neither, because now there is an online game with the same name as well. Blood Rites is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by China-based Kongzhong Corporation. It is a high quality product initially made for Chinese market and now adapted to go global catering to the tastes of players from Europe, America and other English speaking countries.

Once entering this game, players will more often than not be enchanted by its exquisite high resolution 3D graphics at the first sight. That in-game wonder world is the result of three-year’s elaborate crafting by a group of top art designers from China, the United States and South Korea. Thanks to designers’ efforts and the advanced physic engine, this game will usher players into a beautiful, vivid land tinged with dreamlike ambience. Apart from the graphic style, this game also boasts a day-night shifting synchronous with reality, which all the more add more fun and adventure for players to experience at night with lurking monsters in the darkness. Moreover, in-game skills such as players’ magic ability and the temperature of NPCs are also subject to weather change. For instance, fire and ice damage will be enhanced or receded according to the concurrent seasons; while at ease NPC may offer rare quests to players to gain divine gears.

Besides the top-notch graphics, reams of activities and array of systems of this game will keep players occupied with diversified pleasure. In its unique elf system, each player can have a loyal, luring elf as companion; the special elf can be picked up at random by slaying monsters or raised with purpose from the initial shining entity to butterfly-like phase and finally to humanoid state. Except the elves, players also can raise their pets, which can assist to pick up items automatically or serve as mounts. In this game, there are eight different classes equally distributed among four major occupations, each being blessed with counterbalance of strength and weakness. Equipment and weapons go matching with specific characters of different professions; and the equipment enhancing system is available for players to upgrade items so as to climb higher rung and gain upper hand in battles. In the smooth PvP system, players can choose Confront Mode or Murder Mode at will; moreover, at the end of the PK, there may also have PK punishment based on the previous procedure. Another indispensable form of combat is to team up fighting against Bosses. Players can create their own team or directly join other’s team at invitation; and each team will at most contain six members with the team leader included. Team fight will bring about more fun and rewards to players once they win.

In addition, this game also provides players with other systems such as systems of guild, trade, skill and interaction, etc. Elf farm and combating arena are eye-openers as well. The list is long; and those who play it will know.

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