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Bloodmoon Preview: Good Audio & Visual Effects, But Detailed Manual Missing

Sara Lau
Sep 21,2011  09:09 by

At the first sight of the game, you can choose one of the three listed fate: vampire, werewolves and hunters. A slightest movement of the little character on the screen caught my eye; it’s a high-quality browser  game! Oh, I love all games with high quality visual effects.

Then I choose the vampire, and create a new account. A pale woman’s face appears, and it’s my character. When I click the ‘castle’, a man with a stick shows up and to my surprise, he’s just like Edward Cullen in Twilight! After a few minutes, I find it seems to be no tutorials here and I feel like lost. But if you just click the Edward, you’ll find he’s the one who gives you missions and your guide as well. Well, all things get better here in the cold, dark world of Bloodmoon.

My first accepted mission is called the Ring of Light. Edward, allow me to call him that, needs me to bring him the right of light to get rewards. So the second after I click the words, the horrible audio effects really knock me down! It’s sooo terrifying. And there’s even a living dead’s head on the screen, making me even more frightened. Oh, god, is it a horror-themed? So if you’re not that brave enough, I suggest you’d better put down your headset.

When coming to the reward page, you’ll find that the time is very precious here, even can be treated like a reward to you. For example, I get one minute, some gold and the experience for my first reward. Time can buy you blood points here, to keep you alive.

After completing some missions, you’ll find many of the categories listed on your left are unlocked one by one. You can go freely to your arena, gravedigger, sanctuary, weapons shop, laboratory and blood stones, etc.

If you’re badly damaged, the only thing to do is waiting. You have to wait time to heal you and raise your blood points, or you cannot take another mission. So the basic principle of Bloodmoon is you go to Edward, he gives you some missions and you use the reward to update your weapons, so as to win the following fights. And if you’ve got some free time, join or found the clans.

To this game, I can only say that I’m very satisfied with its audio and visual effects though it frightened me a lot, but the plots need to be much improved. More urgently, the folks at Bloodmoon should make a manual for all members. Almost everybody has questions. What is the influence for? and what exactly is an honorary member? How to join a clan? How does the Sanctuary work?

I would prefer to wait for the upcoming vampire MMO World of Darkness, which could be a new Choice in 2012.

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