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Release Date:  August 1, 2012
Publisher:  Making Fun
Developer:  Making Fun, RedPoint
Genre:  Social Game

BloodRealm is a Facebook online collectible card game From Making Fun, which was also publishing a Facebook hidden object game Hidden Haunts. In the game, character cards are grouped into different “Spheres”of magic where players are able to put cards of that Sphere type in that Champion’s deck and send Champions to destroy the Gods with the help of your magical allies. Build a powerful empire and conquer the vast world of evil and magic in BloodRealm.


BloodRealm is geared to players with a basic understanding of the CCG game, especially for those players who already play Clash of the Dragons and Legacy of Heroes. The game turns out to be involving long efforts to require players to research on how the game works.

I was totally blown away by the fantasy card character artwork at first glance, but  also totally disappointed later both in its frequently unresponsive “Attack” button, and over-Gold-driven mechanic.

Artwork of the CCG BloodRealm is fabulously well crafted. the card color is quite gorgeous, of brilliance and radiance, mostly presented in the battle loading scene and champion cards.

The CCG game has one thing common: Deck Building. BloodRealm does have it and perhaps the unpleasantness comes just when you begin to customize your deck. By default, the system has automatically helped you assign the necessary cards into your deck. As the game progresses, you may acquire new cards through the purchase in the marketplace. However, the customization is far from being a happy experience and it ended up in frustration because when you made a mistake in dragging, there are no prompt telling what happened. The deficient ingame tutorial often left you helpless despite a rule shown on the official website.

When you click on or mouse over a card during a battle, it is most likely to show you the card description and information although it could more often than not confuse you. Sadly enough, the card skill does not work as the description says. You have to go back to check the gaming rule that may cause you to doubt your ability to understanding. The truth is that the game does not work well.

Another problem during the battle is when you cast your spell or your ally card against the opponent, it is sometimes as unresponsive as you click the “Attack” button. Occasionally, it could be fixed through a second attempt to click, while if the Attack button got stuck, you will have to refresh the page to reload the game. This eventually causes you lose a battle because when you go back to the game, you cannot go back to the battle that you were previously in.

For a free gamer, the game could be much more frustrating because you cannot win battles when you level up to 5 or higher in a consecutive time if you are not going to buy Gold. You could only have a Champion at the start, and probably the only one at the end with no money spent.

2 Comments on BloodRealm


  1. Grixx says:

    This game is amazing! Rich content, beautiful card art, great game play!

  2. killerz says:

    Another ccg clone of mostly bad and offers nothing new.

    Half the card skills not working or if they do they work incorrectly and many have no information how they work and they randomly hit the wrong unit or hit twice as often for no reason.

    Also you have about 5-6 hours gameplay total and then run out of battles against the computer and that’s it… game over as you cannot do anything else and repeat battles for more game currency.

    With no way to get more game currency other then every 24 hours about, and even then a very small amount, you cannot get any more cards unless you spend a ton of real money for overprice cards and many are useless unless you have a right hero to use them and no way to trade them prevents you from being able to do anything.

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