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Bloody Bite

Bloody Bite

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gamigo
Developer:  Gamigo
Genre:  Simulation

A totally topsy-turvy world in the beginning of the twentieth century! Vampires and werewolves are no longer reconciled to live hiding in the shadows, and they have appeared aggressively to conquer the world! In Bloody Bite, Gamigo’s latest building strategy game, these two supernaturals are the absolute protagonists fighting for domination over the Earth. And humans? They have unfortunately descended to the servants to their new masters.

This massive global warfare involves almost every metropolis nameable, including New York, London, Berlin, Rome and Shanghai. You are first to decide whether to play the role of a vampire or a werewolf. Complete missions scattered around the world to continuously unlock new regions, and increasingly expand your domain for a larger stratagem to ensure the final victory.

The rewards of a routine battle line and a rather risky approach vary a lot, and you are suggested to join hands with other players in your clan to accomplish tougher tasks with greater benefits. One more tip, remember to be a wise ruler of your humans, as they are compromising outside but rebellious inside.


Bloody Bite is a simulation game you should try.

It is time to choose to be a vampire or a werewolf. The game starts from a city by river, in the forest, in the mountain, or near the sea. You take over the city hall and use it as the clan hall, and then capture the bank to manage revenues. Later on, it is necessary to seize the Steel Mill, Coal Mine, Laboratory, and Brick Factory, upgrade them and assign heroes to the hero slots in those structures to earn the resources required for future constructions and upgrades.

To unlock cities around the world, you must own an Air station, which enables you to travel over long distances. Upgrades of this Air station will give you access to more cities.

Each city offers ten story quests and some random quests. No matter what quest you opt to take, you must drag your heroes to the hero slots in the city and click start. After that, your heroes will be on their way to the city. The battle, which commences as soon as they reach the destination, is turn-based and kind of static. You will see nothing but two cards placed together that show received damages in turns. Before the battles, you’d better pay close attention to your opponents’ HP values and advantages and don’t involve your heroes in campaigns that they would never win. Victories will bring experience points and cash. Even if you lose the battle, you could use the relics to retry immediately. But you’d better try another city to exercise your heroes before retry the same quest or you will only be defeated once more. Several cities are unlocked at the same time, which means you have a wide range of selection and can still earn a lot to continue supporting the development in your home city when you get stuck in one city.

A unique hero system is adopted in the game. There are times when you are lucky enough to defeat some enemies and lock them up in the prison. Once you’ve got enough cash, you are allowed to convert a prisoner into a hero. Finishing the conversion, you can choose the class and gender for him or her – since different classes possess different advantages and are vulnerable to enemies of different classes, it’s advisable to have your characters in differentiated classes. The Monster in werewolf faction, for example, is transformed into a beast in battles and it moves at a fast speed, launches powerful attacks and naturally has higher HP values. Accordingly, it is particularly effective in battles against Technicians but is vulnerable to attacks from Hunters. By the way, besides the character whom you start the game with, there is only one free hero slot.

The pictures of Bloody Bite are fantastic. When I entered the game, I mistakenly believed I was watching a Hollywood movie. With all the missions offered in cities, the expansions and upgrades in the home city are conducted only when you see fit.

With only two heroes at hand, I couldn’t simultaneously attend battles and produce resources. And that is the only issue I’ve come across so far.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Holy hell. What a terrible game. The developers should be set on fire and never allowed to make another game again.

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