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Bomb Buddies

Bomb Buddies

Release Date:  April 2012
Publisher:  Balanced Worlds
Developer:  Balanced Worlds
Genre:  Arcade, Indie Game

Inspired by the Bomberman franchise, Bomb Buddies is a free to play 3D game by China-based Balanced Worlds where players team up with their Facebook friends to bomb their opponents.


Bomb Buddies has no tutorials whatsoever. If you happen to miss the key control instructions below the game interface, clicking to quickly join a game room would be a stupid choice.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what I did. Enter a game round in that way, take a screenshot, name it, and I suddenly found I was the winner of a game round, without taking any effective actions at all. It turns out that my opponent blows himself out, and as the game describes, the last standing player or the one claiming the most drops is the winner.

I was proud anyway, until the next round when I found my character standing between chests and flasks and not responding to my mouse clicking at all. I ran through almost every key on the key board and finally managed to understand the control mechanics: both the four directions keys, and “W”, “A”, “S” and “D” control the moving directions of the character; press Space and the character drops a bomb. Yes, you must clear in that way all the flasks in each scene in the first place. If you obtain skills, you could assign them to slots at the interface bottom and press corresponding numeric keys to use the skills. Sometimes you may gain the ultimate hit, kicking or anything, and you can press Ctrl to use it when necessary. But most importantly, you must run for your life after dropping a bomb. Since every scene is divided into small grids, you have your character in a different column and different line from the very grid where the bomb is placed upon and you are safe enough. Not that death brings no compensation – it does. One could blow out two or more flasks and obtain two or three rewards such as bombs while he or she is allowed to collect dozens of rewards after killing and reviving themselves.

Returning to the mode selecting interface, or “lobby”, as the game calls it, I choose to create a room for practice. Two exercises later, I kind of think this game dull and am intended to quit. But I make a different choice after being aware my level hasn’t changed at all after the practices.

Taking it for granted that I could remain alive as long as I keep away from my bombs, I didn’t quite understand why I would die, especially die for so many times. Two or three rounds later, I discovered that my character was maliciously murdered instead of being killed accidentally. Players, especially those of high levels, drop bombs all their way to kill others. They have obtained special abilities to drop bombs continuously and sometimes my character is left between bombs, unable to move and naturally is blown out. There are times when a player comes across my character, kicks it, and surrounds it with bombs – in which cases I was so angry and revengeful.

And revenge is my response. During a game round with two other players, a guy racks his brain and spares no efforts in killing the other two of us. I was dead for so many times that I came to learn to kill him in return. Sometimes I succeeded. And there was this time when all those bombs he and I placed on the grounds prevented the two of us from escaping and soon we were both dead.

That round goes on and on and the three of us keep killing and dying, though all the flasks are already cleared. It’s so exciting. And the game didn’t stop until I lost connection to the game server out of blue. Well. I believe now it’s safe to say that in Bomb Buddies till disconnection do us part. LOL.

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3 Comments on Bomb Buddies


  1. Name says:

    When someone reads this, he/she will think that this game is bad, but it's not.

    You are clearly a beginner who's not understanding the gameplay at all…

  2. Code01ai says:

    the game is somehow funny xD

  3. finishhim says:

    This game is awesome! It reminds me of Bomberman that I used to play on my Super Nintendo with my friends!

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