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Release Date:  November 22, 2012
Publisher:  NGames
Developer:  HuaQi Games
Genre:  Shooter

BoomSky (Chinese:疯狂战机) is a browser-based aerial artillery shooting game developed by Shanghai-based HuaQi Game and published by HangZhou-based Ngames, known as the publisher of the most controversial anime style games such as Pockie Ninja and Pockie Pirates and its newly co-published Cyber Monster. It features multiple battle modes, Keyboard-controlled air battle, and cartoonish graphics.

The game was firstly published in Mainland China in early 2012 and later in TaiWan, followed by Vietnam and North America.


On the heels of DDTank, BoomSky comes as no surprise to offer an artillery-esque shooting experience that combines mechanics of what makes DDTank and Crazy Fairies entertaining although it never comes to surpass them in obvious excellence.

BoomSky is a simple yet fascinating combination of RPG with Worms-style shooting.

Taking an approach similar to DDTank, Crazy Penguin Wars, Crazy Fairies and even DragonBound, BoomSky pits players in the turn-based shooting battles against players, bosses, and other AI-controlled characters. In each turn, players will have a limited time for moving and firing. They press arrow keys to control the direction and angle, press and hold spacebar to gather the strength and then release the spacebar to fire. As always, the key is how you fire accurately to inflict maximum damage.

Well, you will no longer have to worry about whether the floating island or anything else you are standing on would fall or not. You pilot a plane, and during the whole combat you are in the air, even when you run out of health (in which case you will be using parachute and still be able to move around). Therefore, your bomb would no longer fall onto the ground in front or at the back of an enemy and still hit him or her. You need to fire exactly at them to cause damages and win scores. And that clearly increases difficulty of the shooting experience.

BoomSky fuses the shooting with RPG elements. Players can choose the plane that deals more damage, attacks faster, or excels at both single and group attacks, have access to more buildings, skills, and power-ups after leveling up. You have a home land where several buildings of distinctive functions will be unlocked once you reached required levels. Skills that will increase your damage on enemies, or protect you from attacks will be acquired while power-ups like healing and rage boost will also be available.

The game stresses PvP battles, as all the previous games of the same genre do, but it also includes instances where players battle against minions and bosses. Each instance allows for three different modes – Easy, Normal and Hard – and consists of three stages, which can be something one both loves and hates. That offers more choices since you can team up with different players for each stage but the problem is that you have to complete all the three stages to finish the campaign. If you don’t go through all the three stages, you will never complete the instance.

The title not only borrows the character growth and skill systems from RPG games, it also introduces the mission system. That is not to say that previous games of this genre never adopt any. They did. But none of them has such a mission system that will always make you believe you are playing an MMORPG. With only a brief tutorial, the game prepares players for battles by assigning various quests that will help them understand the functions of various structures and skills. And after players complete the campaigns, they will be asked to revisit the instance and kill a fixed number of certain enemies. Yes, grinding it is.

If that still doesn’t ring a bell, you will feel familiar when it comes to the weapon purchase and enhancement. As in many MMORPGs, BoomSky has weapons and armors of all colors and status. And it will still be a place where one craves for purple gear and to get rid of the current grey, green or blue ones. And all weapons are open to enhancements.

Players can purchase different appearances from the shop, trade items in the Auction house, create or join a legion and spin the Lucky Wheel. However, that very wheel isn’t what you’ve seen these days. There is no daily free spin and you have to pay so as to obtain some rare items, but what are the odds?

Anyway, BoomSky offers a shooting experience and RPG elements and does stand out, though the RPG parts sometimes are nothing more than botched tricks for making money.

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