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Botkin’s Hidden Cove

Botkin’s Hidden Cove

Release Date:  May 2012
Publisher:  Playdomt
Developer:  Playdomt
Genre:  Adventure

Botkin’s Hidden Cove is a Facebook-based adventure game where your goal is to construct your island houses and defeat the Evil Witch Doctor and rescue the innocent jungle critters.


I wouldn’t create Botkin’s Hidden Cove if I were Playdom. Botkin’s Hidden Cove employs exactly the same gameplay as Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood does but turns out to be a total disappointment.

On an island, Botkin (there is also a Botkin in Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood who is a cursed Gypsy and supplies the protagonist with a crystal ball for remote connection) and his Jungle Critter Friends are all captured by the Evil Witch Doctor, who is going to sacrifice them to become a god.

And here is what you can do: clear the fog area little by little, discover trapped animals one by one, please them, and make them join your team and run errands for you. Yeah, pretty much the same as in Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood. But these two are different to some extent. In the Mistwood, once rescued, people are ready to help right away but in Botkin’s Hidden Cove, animals rescued are not grateful to any degree. They just feel insecure and wanna leave. So you have to build this structure, purchase that stuff, and increase the Town Score to make them happy and willing to help. I kind of think I am a disturbed person who asks for trouble myself all the time.

In this game, machetes are the materials for clearing the fog and one machete is consumed every time you explore the foggy land, or to be specific, expand your active area. But those things don’t come easy. Only a few could be obtained from the outset and one or two each time you achieve a new level. Since each level takes a lot of time to complete, I’ve never had enough machetes and couldn’t progress any more after reaching level 4.

The exploration tool is an absolute issue but construction materials and assistance can also cause problems. Some of those structures those animals ask me to build need bamboo, rocks or even paints. If bamboos and paints are understandably unavailable otherwise, how could I take it when I remove stones and obtain only experience and woods? Even when the materials are gathered, you need to staff the structures you have just built to complete it. I did resort to my friends the first time but when I found the Fruit Stand needs six employees (including two so-called Fruit Smellers, only God knows what they are employed for), I knew I could hardly make any major progress anymore.

In Botkin’s Hidden Cove, processes can be accelerated in two ways: by using food you harvest from the crops or by spending gold bars, the in-game currency. And I turn into a farmer now, planting, watering and harvesting strawberries repeatedly to gain experience and speed up processes so as to level up to get the next one or two machetes.

It wouldn’t be fair to neglect the merits of this game though. The animal characters, helping or not, could easily make you smile or irritated with their cuddly body movements. Whenever you place a decoration on the land, the free characters would rush there and have the first look. And the structures and decorations look splendid – as long as you complete them – and you could really create a beautiful place, if not the whole island, as you wish.

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8 Comments on Botkin’s Hidden Cove


  1. Rose says:

    This game is a Joke and such a waste of time ! I loved the game when I first started but now its getting rediculous! you have to keep bugging all your friends to play in order to get anything accomplished, alot of my friends dont play these games and IM sure they are getting upset with all the invites from others as well as me, then to top it all off it takes an Hour to 24 hours to get buildings done, crops done, chickens, cows ,, and for crying oput loud how many chicken coops, and beach chairs and fire pits, BBq pits, tree house etc.. do we really need ? I cant get 6 people to help finish one building much less 3 more of the same buildings! and it takes for ever to get extra machetes , gold bars, and Potions.. cute concept of a game but most will give up after a few days to a week of playing this when they get no where fast.

  2. wendy linstroth says:

    i also gave up after a few times playing its to difficult to search the Island unless you want to spend money to play or requests items from friends all the time

  3. Brahmama says:

    I gave up when all of a sudden I had to play a BUBBLE game – everything else was frozen. There was a comment about time to take a break from the jungle and play the Bubble Game.
    I'm outta here, folks!

  4. hannah says:

    i like the game and have been on it for quite a while but i find it ridiculously hard to get machetes and gold bars too. I have been stuck on making the fruit stand for ages, all because of the fact that my friends dont play the game so i cant complete it . I think that instead of making you pay gold bars to complete it why dont they give you the oppurtunity to finish it with speed ups. after all i would prefer to be a farmer than a person with an uncomplete yard because you cant finish anything. fruit smeller i never knew the fruit you buy from tescos is smelled before selled.

  5. frustrated in Canada says:

    it was fun in the beginning- but one of the worst games on FB. Its impossible to get those stupid machetes – and takes forever (24 hours) to make one lousy one – then you have 8 missions open, and cannot finish them – because of the stupid time factor – and the fact its hard to find the objects and cannot complete anything!!! Sure there is endless energy – but they should trade that in for less time on the machete making – or give us more machetes when we level up. There is no way I am going to waste money on this game by buying gold to get more of them. There are many better games on FB where I am glad to pay a little if I need more supplies.

  6. kata gábor says:

    Botkin's Hidden Cove neighborhood are looking for!!!!

  7. Carol E. says:

    I agree with everyone that this game is a frustration in every respect. The only part I enjoy is the hidden items part. I did notice that I am awarded machetes randomly when playing the hidden items side game. That kept me going a bit longer, but that has not held me with any force. I would like to be asked for feedback by the developers, but cannot find a place to submit my ideas. Don’t bother with this one. It is a pain and not one of my friends is interested in playing it with me.
    I’m done.

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