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Bounty Hounds Online

Bounty Hounds Online

Release Date:  2006
Publisher:  Namco Bandai
Developer:  Xpec
Genre:  Action

Developed by XPEC, Bounty Hounds Online has been published by Innogames for Europe and Subagames for North America. The game does not offer you elves, dwarves and attentive cute pets, but with futuristic technology and robot pets. Sounds interesting! Even better, Innogames announced that the title has 1 million players in European servers thanks to its large user based accumulated from Grepolis, The West and Tribal Wars.


A galactic war waged by human beings against extraterrestrials came to cease-fire truce not long ago. But before the ash of the war-fire settled down, a new around of turmoil occurred, leaving temporary peace shattered. To control the situation, private military companies emerged as time required, recruiting mercenaries, also known as Bounty Hounds, to eradicate the alien menace on Clear Sky Planet. Do you feel like joining the private army, fighting for peace and fighting for mankind?

Against a stunning 3D Sci-Fi setting of grand galaxy emerges the Bounty Hounds Online, a third-person action MMORPG made by Taiwan-based developer of XPEC Entertainment solely for Microsoft Windows operating systems. While players can play this game for free, they are also endowed with the choice to pay for diamonds, in-game currency, to gain advantages or advanced items.

In this game, players will choose from five different classes, each with its unique fighting style, either of melee or of ranged attack. Apart from the ordinary customizable gender and appearance selection, a dual weapon system in this game will allow players to switch smoothly between melee and ranged battles so as to respond efficiently to varied distance. Besides, in character creation, players will also their factions, known as Private Military Companies in the game, out of four options including Corona, Aurora, Nucleo and Umbra. Each company has its own axe to grind under its own policies, which can be referred by players to stand in their favorable lines. Corona pursues for righteousness, while Nucleo promises status and money, for instance. Split factions incur PvP spontaneously.

According to the available information now, this game will include both one-on-one mode and legion war of larger scale. Since fighting in team is necessary, it is advisable for players to form Squads rather than joining random groups, for squads are effective organizations in terms of conducting regular group questing and addressing instanced challenges. Similarly, forming a mercenary legion within one’s own faction is also helpful and beneficial.

Apart from what mentioned above, this game also boasts Research and Development system for weapon crafting as well as Combat Tactical Unit system providing transformable robot pets to assist in battleground. Yet the list of merits is not ended. Still under development, this game will by no means fail us when it is launched.

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