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Bounty Hounds Online Crafting System Unveiled: Build, Improve, Recycle!

Sara Lau
Jul 6,2011  08:07 by

The folks in Innogames droped us a news tip that they presented players a complex and extensive crafting system for its upcoming MMO Bounty Hounds Online. With this crafting system, also known as Research and Development (R&D), the players will have the chance to create amazing equipment for their characters.

Armor, weapons and other kinds of gear can be disassembled and reused for crafting new items. Creating or dismantling objects will award R&D experience, which opens up more possibilities to build better equipment. Not only weapons and armor can be crafted and improved, but also upgrades for the player’s robot pets as well as consumable items.

Whatever equipment is created that way can be dismantled again to reuse some of the resources. High-value gear can even be advanced and visually modified to create a unique character that fits the player´s taste. All created objects and single components can also be sold directly to other players or via an in-game auction system.

According to InnoGames, it has scheduled the open beta release date for this year’s 8th month with a totally tweaked version compared with CBT server. While there are still room to improve for this game, Innogames are open to their mind to accpet any suggestions and feedback that may help improve the game. Of course, critisizm is welcome too!

Editor Analysis:

Since InnoGames are more focused on browser games, but latest efforts to client-based MMORPG suggests they are beginning to diversify their gaming genre. It is just a new attempt to operate and market client games. How the game work well in the very near future, let’s wait and see!

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