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Bounty Hounds Online Interview

Sara Lau
Aug 3,2011  01:08 by

DotMMO’s chief editor Sara is proud to take a text interview with Terry Torlau, the Project Manager of Wicked Interactive, to discuss a few things about Bounty Hounds Online.

DotMMO: First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself: who you are, what you do on the team, what you’ve worked on in the past, etc?

Hello, I’m the Project Manager and Lead GM for the BHO Team here in Wicked Interactive. My job here is managing the general operation of the game to make sure everyone is having an enjoyable time with the game and service. I was working on ACE Online for some time and have transitioned over to the Bounty Hounds Online project now.

DotMMO: Clearly, Bounty Hounds Online has already been published by Innogames, and the closed beta was launched months ago. What is the difference between Innogames and Wicked Interactive?

There will be a number of regional specific modifications. One of the more immediately noticeable differences is the localization. Other differences will include some of the more subtle nuances like rates, events and in some cases potentially even content modifications.

DotMMO: Speaking of free to play MMORPG, there are tons of such games out there, and most of them are destroyed by ingame purchasable items. How can you make sure your game works for both paid players and free players?

We have learned from experience with our other games as to the dangers an imbalanced cash shop can do to a game as well as to its community. It’s one of the areas we are taking very seriously as we know a balanced cash shop can make or break a game, regardless of features.

DotMMO: Could you please tell us more about Bounty Hounds Online experience. What can players expect?

Bounty Hounds Online should provide an experience unique to its own. It is a sci-fi MMORPG that exists in its own universe and setting. Being Sci-Fi is already a refreshing change from all the Fantasy themed MMORPG’s but this is also high science fiction; Teleporters, force fields, mecha, aliens and ships are all here.

DotMMO: As we know, you guys reach the final stages of preparation for closed beta, but our community users are more concerned if the game account will be reset after the closed beta come to an end, and can you estimate when the open beta will be launched.

As a closed beta is primarily there to find problems with the game, the potential to wiping the characters is going to be there in case there are major problems that need to be corrected. We want to make sure that there is a healthy competition in the game and we don’t want any bugs or exploits that were fixed in the closed beta to interfere in the open beta and beyond. Right now, the end of closed beta is Sept 9 and open beta should occur shortly afterwards. However that is a tentative date at this time.

DotMMO: Based on some information we collected on Internet, Bounty Hounds Online is developed by XPEC, which is located in Taiwan. While your company is headquartered in Canada. How can you keep your communications flow and make the game perform well?

XPEC has worked with major console North American publishers in the past and they are familiar with the distance difficulties. We ourselves have also worked with several Asia based developers and we’re familiar with the difficulties ourselves. We have been able to reach a level of operation that can work for us long-term and still provide an optimal communication and planning.

DotMMO: What are your plans for the game in the upcoming months?

We want to see the game expand and evolve into something players can thoroughly enjoy. We can’t keep the game stagnant so constant work is needed to keep it fresh for people.

To learn more Bounty Hounds Online, check its official website http://bountyhounds.subagames.com/

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  1. airgamer says:

    Awesome interview! Can't wait for closed beta to start….first time to play an MMORPG with sci-fi settings, great job to Wicked Interactive for bringing out an RPG that isn't the average anime/fantasy theme 🙂

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