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Bounty Hounds Online Preview, Graphics and Animations Fair

Sara Lau
Sep 16,2011  03:09 by

Bounty Hounds Online, the latest Free to Play sci-fi MMO from XPEC, bodes well for a promising prospect for it not only features elves, dwarves and other folklore-inspired creatures, but incorporates futuristic technologies and robotic pets, all of which sound utterly appealing. If you are interested in this game, read through the following introduction and make sure you have a deep understanding before downloading the game!

According to an announcement, Bounty Hounds Online implements the same engine like that of Fallout 3, which, to some extent, guarantees its high quality graphics. Different from its PlayStation Portable-based predecessor, Bounty Hounds Online has improved greatly in all aspects. The most laudable alteration consists in its big advancement over the original two gigabytes of client downloading.

According to an interview, Bounty Hounds Online offers five classes that differ primarily in terms of their optical equipments and armaments. In general, the game includes typical BHO archetypes, ranging from the heavily-armed warriors to rangers who possess healing skills and penetration power. As for the latter, they can repair equipment components and heal the wounded after a series of technical and medical training.

The images of characters are all well-crafted, and the female characters do not scrimp on their charm and glamour. And each role has five attributes that can be greatly augmented, including strength, physique, will power, precision and agility. Each rise in rank will generate some attribute points that can be freely distributed to the above five, depending on your liking. Your character’s key points are graphically illustrated, allowing you to easily recognize your avatar among others. And almost all features of your role can be customized, ranging from skin color to hair style.

Having finished the character creation, you begin to choose one of four military organizations to join in. Each faction has its own advantages in terms of equipments and optics, and the decision is very significant because the following content will be dependent on your selection. As mentioned above, the female characters are pretty charming and leave a favorable impression. If you are equally impressed, you can choose one of them as your role.

From then on, the adventure kicks off at a space base on a faraway planet called Clear Sky where aggressive aliens have snatched people for supremacy and the galaxy are reduced into chaos and turbulence. Upon your arrival, you will be assigned with some tasks which also serve as a tutorial.

The graphics fit well with the sci-fi ambience, and the futuristic user interface is also quite magnificent. The character animations, however, are more or less reminiscent of crew of the Orion spacecraft. But the sonic background is still lack of some upgrades. Hopefully, the developer will fine-tune it again upon the official release in October.

You have to run many errands, including defeating space pirates. Speaking of combat, you will come across lines of enemies whom you must target with precision and fire without mercy. And the exchange of fires is automatic, so there is no need to worry about not being experienced. Your only responsibility is to initiate your skills as needed which can be achieved through the awarding of points in the class-specific talent tree. (Similar to Tribes: Ascend )

Fortunately, you don’t need to fight alone now; instead, you can venture into fierce combat alongside Combat Tactic Unit (CTU)! The adorable pets in other MMOGs also give way to robotic fighting machines that are not just cool, but also decisive in critical battles. The CTUs can be evolved and upgraded step by step in the course of whole events. During the battles, you can also collect marvelous energy points which allow your CTU to transform into an even stronger fighting unit.

Depending on the orientation of your own class, you choose to overcome your enemies in close combat with advanced technologies or act as a supporter to your allies. In a word, this part works really well and has a significant depth in design.

Anyone who is obsessed with technology now has the chance to delve deeper into it. Technical aids can be found in cutthroat battles. Besides, you can also use accumulated resources to make higher-quality equipments, beefing up your gears as well as your CTU. Of course, it is also possible to manufacture some medical potions and other elixirs that can further strengthen your combat power.

Each character has a series of attributes, including titles, special strengths and achievements against other players. The focus of the game is to keep and increase one’s EXP points by constantly honing one’s skills with his or her CTU. Bounty Hounds Online also consists of a multitude of activities, ranging from faction raids to challenging missions, which are likely to earn you exclusive unique titles.

Having gone through the current test phase, I conclude that Bounty Hounds Online will embrace a universal popularity among its old fans and newcomers. And the innovative part of CTU is really interesting. Additionally, it is really awesome to see your character glide through the fascinating world. But the game still has some defects: The graphics just borders on feasibility; the animations of actions are not yet smart enough and the sound does not fit the ambiance very well. It remains to be seen whether the developer will solve those small shortcomings and enhance the overall technical environment.

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