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Brawl Busters

Brawl Busters

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Rock Hippo Productions
Developer:  SkeinGlobe
Genre:  RPG, Shooter

Brawl Busters, a new action MMO game in third-person view, is still under way with its closed beta test upcoming soon, according to the latest news from its publisher Rock Hippo Productions. In spite of the limited information about the game, players can still get a quick glimpse of this game from published news and the newly-released trailer on the internet.

In Brawl Busters, each player can role-play one unique character out of five classes, inclusive of the Rocker, the Boxer, the Slugger, the Firefighter and the Blitzer. As seen from the dynamic trailer, the Rocker wields electrifying instrument as weapon to fight opponents; the Boxer chases rivals like hell and attacks with his barbed boxing gloves; the Slugger fights with baseball bat-like weapons leaving enemy no place to escape; the Firefighter is armed with heavy equipment shooting firepower as deterrence; while the Blitzer delivers potent and apt punches on adversaries. All five characters present uniqueness in both their attire and equipment, perfectly demonstrating styles implied behind their class titles. In addition to the distinct and glaring looks, fast-paced actions comparable to lightening is equally, if not more, impressive. Also, there are other customization options such as body type, gender, and accessories, etc also available in this game. With their gorgeous characters, players can wander around seven adventurous maps, either to fight alone or to cooperate with others.

What’s more, an intense training mode, challenging missions, and persistent statistic tracking, etc are also included in this ebullient game.


Full Review Coming Soon.

Videos For Brawl Busters


  1. Online multiplayer action game from third person perspective
  2. Unique and unconventional animation style
  3. Online competitive and cooperative modes allow for fighting against other players or computer opponents
  4. Easily accessible and easy to play thanks to intuitive control
  5. Team Strategy as a key to the game in high levels
  6. 7 maps available
  7. Many options for customization: body, sex, weapons, costumes and accessories
  8. Weapons and costumes can be improved with new abilities
  9. Training mode, challenge missions, constant update of statistics, rankings and much more
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  2. Ebubo says:

    please can i have a beta key plz 🙂

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