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Brick Force

Brick Force

Release Date:  02/282012
Publisher:  Infernum
Developer:  EXE Games
Genre:  Sandbox, Shooter

Have you ever thought of laboriously creating a dreamland with your own hands and having an amazing experience of “pleasant misery”?  The forthcoming sandbox-shooter Brick Force is expected to satisfy your ambition to be a both creator and conqueror in the virtual world.


Released by Berlin-based Infernum in collaboration with Korean producer EXE, Brick Force boosts a theme on “Build, Share and Play”, which lays a fundamentally casual and relaxed keynote of the whole game. In the first place, you are supposed to devote all your time and energy to the construction of your own realm. In this process, the sandbox-shooter is designed to be your right hand! Although the tactics are probably easy to follow and the building work proceeds in a much too prescribed way, you still would not feel tiresome, as each particular gesture and behavior of your lovely hero will bring you much fun.

Then, you will be astonished that a rather complex environment is created merely through this brick-by-brick way. Well, your “headquarters”, together with the buildings of other players, constitutes a mutual background that will be shared by all the participants.

Since everything is ready, just start your fast-paced hunts against your opponents right now! Make sure that you are fully aware of the danger, as this is a battlefield where soldiers are equipped with real guns and bullets. However, don’t push your charmingly naïve hero too much, as your vital aim is to relax.


Brick Force is a world of controllable bricks, normal bricks like Green, brown, grey bricks or special bricks like crystal, bright-colored or even shining, and stripped ones. Advanced maps contain lights, tables, benches, steel structure, hollow-out walls, route signs, and tires to make a truck. The bricks can be formed to a black-white face or letters to read ”love”. Just like square can form numbers from 0 to 9, you use bricks to create more than imaginable. Even the character is block-headed, though capable of multiple facial expression and body language. Actually, they can faint before fall down, and tremble for laughing at your silly loss.

All possible sorts of protective equipments for your head and shield clothing for your body are available from shop. You are suggested to try all weapons to figure out your favorite. Purchase is easy, no shortage of cash and supply up to now. But the colorful clothing eliminates the chance to define an enemy by color. Currently the only offered hint to tell teammates from enemy is the name on their head. Hiding the name of your ally may help a little.

So the battlefield that sees you fight is not designed by profession or of any historical origin. They may be the result of a morning’s random shooting by any player. A vast square is offered by the game to base your building up to 100 meters high, or 100 meters deep if you will. Left click to shoot out bricks and right click to remove them. Before starting your own, visit others. Map-editing rooms can be open to helpers, as the vast square means a huge project. To find yourself a not-so-bad architect is elevating, but not so surprising. With brick force, I realized how Europeans are gifted in making structures. If you entered more map-developing rooms, you can feel how prepared and thoughtful most of the amateur architects can be. In fact, such free building can be a childhood fancy of any of them. By building the map, they plot traps, barriers, twists to irritate the killers; they offer corridors, windows, gates, roofs, stairs to let victims appear. Meanwhile, all the involved fighters can be a highly civilized architect back at their own base. This is how, seldom seen in previous games that, winners and losers are equal; designers and warriors are equal; the focus of all gamers falls on the excellence degree of maps. When they get fed up with a map, they leave the room to seek a new one, or back home to build their own.

There are different battle modes. Team battle is the hottest one. You look each region for the opening rooms waiting you to join. Gamers try to balance the team size by “changing team” to the weaker one. Once started (I didn’t notice if the timer can be reset manually), a team battle can be 10 of 3-minute rounds; a survival battle can be 10 of one-minute rounds; a blast mode can be, well, I am too nervous to notice it. Blast mode features a tall castle looking down upon you from the far side, it’s a long enough distance for your wooden body to become honeycomb, before you reach the enemy’s tower. Yes, you can stay at your own tower, operating the multiple-point cannon towards the enemy. It’s more about technology and supply than human strategy.

[nggallery id=341]

The gameplay, half combat, half building arenas to watch such combat, has absorbed a large audience to try. Maybe this is the long-dreamt experience of these shooter fans and architecture talents. And this shooter game seems confident in the cleverness of its fans—only a simplest tutorial and basic control system is given. Many more functions such as laying, removing, overlapping, or sticking out the bricks are to be found out by instinct. And it takes time for newbies to learn to jump, climb as well as to keep crosshair level with an excellent mouse control. In fact, judging from the scores of each member, there are a remarkable portion of newbies among the fighters. Chatting keys are not easy to validate amid battles or map-editing. The only solution to such confusions is the endless chances of swift revival. If you are risky enough to enter a shooter game, melt all difficulties away with your killing passion.

If you have ever been around Minecraft, you might as well take a try on Brick Force. Or join Brick Force Forum to discuss whatever on  your mind.

122 Comments on Brick Force


  1. plesetryanother says:

    hope this is as good as Minecraft!!

  2. Tony says:

    When exactly are we expecting the Beta version to come out?

  3. Secret says:

    It Dossent Workl!

  4. feduzzo says:


  5. The99killerITA says:

    yes, how ?!

  6. LinkIsAwesome says:

    It's not released yet, it will in Spring! WOO

  7. asd says:

    Correction the beta will be released soon the full game will be released in spring!

  8. jonas097 says:

    how can i play

  9. Ray098 says:

    how can i play it?

  10. papaya says:

    when i can play it?and how?

  11. whiteocean says:

    the perfect cross between call of duty and minecraft

  12. skino says:

    can I play with an macbook pro?

  13. HItsugaya says:

    Damn it is this in the internet or in CD

  14. Minh says:

    Ace of spade you have competition, a hard competition 🙂

  15. dude says:

    where we can PLAY

  16. kaza2343 says:

    i wish it was febuary the seventh

  17. .......... says:

    the website wont work

  18. Brick-Force says:

    Hey guys, thanks for ALL of your interest in Brick-Force!

    You can get early access by registering to the beta here: http://www.brick-force.com/

    You can get updates about the game on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BrickForceOfficial

    And check out our Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/#!/BrickForce_

  19. Jimacat says:

    Is it 4 mac???

  20. coey says:

    If im in beta do i get the full realse free?

  21. happydude568 says:

    better than minecraft

  22. Shadowolf says:

    GameInsider is also giving over 500 beta keys for the closed beta @ http://game-insider.com/2012/02/24/brick-force-ov

    Their just giving codes away when you follow their facebook fans page – It's pretty cool

  23. hammaaaaah says:


    Please register through this link so i could get the hammer :3

  24. Brick Force says:

    HI Peoples Brick Force is Comeing on February 28

  25. ice stone 2 Creator says:

    ice stone 2 come on december 28

  26. Rainier3368 says:

    Visit Http:ClubPenguin.com its Online

  27. Shumu says:

    Selling a brick force beta key if anyone wants to buy it ;D add me on skype (Shoo257) 🙂

  28. narutorobloxmincraft says:

    when does it come out in new zealand?

  29. YUNO says:


  30. o_O says:

    it's 28th february…WHERES MY BRICKFORCE!?!

  31. Le petit Tempête says:

    Where the hell is it?
    I WANT TO PLAY!!!!!

  32. timmy(southpark) says:

    when come the game it starts on fabruari the 28st
    but i see nothing that i can play brick force.

  33. kingsmile says:

    WtF it's 28th of february and i can't find it :C
    how can i play brickforce.

  34. Stuff says:

    Didn't get a beta code. Cry, cry, cry

  35. Marcus says:

    Its february 28 now… the game still isnt up!!

  36. HAM says:

    but what time cuz its feb 28 -.-

  37. HAM says:

    im out of school still waiting

  38. Awsomeman says:

    ITS THE 28 WHERE DO I PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. GeneralDefyre says:

    Whenever I try to get on the brick-force website, it says Authorization Required and asks for a username and password. What's going on?

  40. davey says:

    can someone give me please a key

  41. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! says:

    I CANT PLAY IT!!!!!!!!! Y?!?!?!?!??!?!?

  42. DarkToast says:

    i sined up for the Beta but im not geting a Email with the Beta key???

  43. FoobnToast says:

    so i got it installed and it doesnt let me log in to play it??

  44. God says:

    Relax guys, the new website says that we will all get a beta key eventually, they are just taking forever to hand out the codes 😉

  45. Haocheng says:

    How do you install it?

  46. Haocheng says:

    And what is the beta key for?

  47. Shadowolf says:

    For those who have not been able to play the closed beta GameInsider is giving away 460 more closed beta key codes @ http://game-insider.com/2012/03/05/brick-force-we

  48. killz says:

    whats the beta key

  49. Guy says:

    I'm with killz what's the beta key for?

  50. iek says:

    whats a good damn beta key tht damn neboir stiole my account

  51. hayly says:

    im a girl

  52. hayley says:

    ive got a boy freind named ryan wood my name is hayley wood not sister not ryan woods sister

  53. Eldar Moonshine says:

    To play the game, You have to sign up for the beta
    Then get your account unlocked
    In the unlocked email, The game engine download will be there, Then you can log RIGHT INTO THE GAME.

  54. edw says:

    I wont minecraft or brick force
    plese realse brick force or make a free minecraft

  55. code is minecraft says:


  56. 1- all peple says:

    1- all peple

  57. larslarsen says:

    when does the GAME come out??

  58. remdog says:

    how do you download

  59. remdog says:

    if you play everybody edits go on ninja get code 1

  60. williammo says:

    oi gente que coisa

  61. william says:


  62. bobs mum says:

    i really want this game im 11 plz think and give me the key plz for all the evil carrots who r gonna rape me

  63. @x7Austin7x says:

    If you guy's want to play you have to wait for Brick Force to send an Email to you saying that "your account is unlock and you may now play," Then you will be able to log in with your account. If you guys need any help just contact me on Twitter.

  64. One Guy says:

    If u rated the game, what would u rate it (out of ten)?

  65. maxkokopelli says:

    YO YO it is out!! LOL

  66. iFox says:

    I don't like how you have to pay money for a certain number of days ..its kinda stupid i hope they just take it off..

  67. MARTIN says:

    Brick Force

  68. Jim says:

    Good, but it isn't for the browser.

  69. KASIA12 says:

    super gra daje za te gre tysioc gwiazdek ale no jak zagrać wte gre ??? no ???????

  70. lololika says:

    good job this game is prety cool

  71. sam says:

    how long does it take to download

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