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Soldiers Inc.
  • Soldiers Inc.

  • Posted on  Apr 23,2014  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Soldiers Inc. is yet another base-management real-time strategy game on Facebook. It seems like we’re getting new ones on a monthly basis, but that’s really not surprising when you consider how popular they are and how much money the successful ones rake in. These games do a great job bridging the gap between casual and hardcore gaming and attract a lot of players interested in a hardcore game experience with a casual commitment level. Clearly, Plarium is one of the companies that’s doing well with this type of game, as this is their fourth major entry in the genre. Review: [...] read »

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Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames
  • Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames

  • Posted on  Apr 22,2014  05:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames is the latest game from Kabam. Like most of Kabam’s catalog, Ravenmarch is a strategy browser game that’s free-to-play and massively multiplayer. The game has an extremely simple premise — in the medieval age, it’s your task to use your wits and might to unite the Empire under a single banner. Review: The game starts with you selecting your name and your avatar. You’ve got four options for the latter, two males and two females. Very early on, you’ll align yourself with one of the three factions: Empire, Kingdom, or Leagues. A small bundle of premium [...] read »

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Kings of The Realm
  • Kings of The Realm

  • Posted on  Apr 13,2014  12:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Kings of The Realm is an epic browser-based MMORTS developed by DigitGame Studios and published by Kabam. The game lets you manage your empire by building a few structures to either defend your realm or recruit units to attack other players and NPCs around the world map. On the surface, Kings of The Realm is a different IP, but it bears a strong resemblance to Kabam’s Like Dragons of Atlantis and Hobbit Armies in terms of gameplay. The game is broken down into two parts: World View and Realm View. In the Realm view, you will do most of the [...] read »

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Monkey King Online
  • Monkey King Online

  • Posted on  Mar 31,2014  03:03 , by Sara Lau
  • If you’re familiar with the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, you’ll recognize the titular character in the latest browser MMORPG from R2Games, Monkey King Online. Indeed, MKO is based on the world of Journey to the West. Plenty of artistic liberties have been taken, but the core qualities of the Monkey King’s story have been kept: he’s powerful and he’s ready to wreak havoc in heaven after being imprisoned under a rock for half a millennium. Review: Right from the start of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your character’s class. You’ve got the staff-wielding Monkey King, [...] read »

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Origins of Order
  • Origins of Order

  • Posted on  Mar 21,2014  01:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Origins of Order is the latest browser-based offering from Gamebox. It is a free-to-play MMO game that combines RPG elements with trading cards, deckbuilding, and strategic, lane-based tower defense (somewhat like Plants vs Zombies). Players can progress through a single-player campaign, engage each other head-to-head, or team up to take on waves of enemies as a group. Review: Sounds pretty normal for a browser MMORPG, it might even be fun. It’s weird though, because that opening paragraph is basically identical to the one in our review of Ancient Summoner, another Gamebox title that hit last August — a game that’s [...] read »

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Zombies Ate My Pizza
  • Zombies Ate My Pizza

  • Posted on  Mar 11,2014  02:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Zombies Ate My Pizza is the latest game from R2Games. Officially, it’s their snarkiest game too. Its titular reference to the LucasArts classic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, is fitting, as ZAMP is likewise presented with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor. The gameplay involves running around and shooting zombies, with plenty of the MMORPG trappings you’d expect from R2Games mixed in. Review: Alien bugs have introduced a deadly virus to a world that’s absolutely obsessed with pizza. The virus turns people into dough-brained zombies who believe humans are pizzas. As it turns out, pizza-obsessed people turn into pizza-obsessed zombies, and [...] read »

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League of Angels Review
  • League of Angels Review

  • Posted on  Mar 7,2014  01:03 , by Sara Lau
  • League of Angels is the newest browser-based MMORPG from GTArcade. It takes place in a world where the Dark Lord has declared the end of times for gods and light. The angels, who used to protect humanity from the powers of darkness, were helpless when those powers managed to steal the Seal of Life. That seal was the source of the angels’ powers and without it, the dark powers were able to exterminate or imprison the angels one by one. Now, humanity must rise up to repay the angels for thousands of years of protection. Human heroes called “The Brave” [...] read »

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Legend of Slayer
  • Legend of Slayer

  • Posted on  Mar 5,2014  09:03 , by Sara Lau
  • Legend of Slayer is a lovely turn-based MMORPG that has just entered its closed beta test. The game features cutely-animated characters, turn-based multiplayer online combat, a plethora of miniature games and etc. Review: There are totally six characters to choose from when you first log in the game. They are equally cute and attractive that you may regret picking one while missing the rest. Any way, after you nail the character you’d play as, the fantasy journey begins. A truly detailed tutorial will guide you through every working system of the game, including how to fight, how to collect gear, [...] read »

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Age of Civilization
  • Age of Civilization

  • Posted on  Jan 21,2014  12:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Age of Civilization is a browser-based strategy game that pits players as the lord of an empire during the middle age of Europe. The gameplay revolves around building up a city, raising an army, and using that army to win battles loosely based on the history and mythology of Europe. The game is published by NGames (known as the publisher of Pockie Ninja, Pockie Kingdom and Grand Voyage) under its platform Game321.com. Review: The game’s got sort of a haphazard opening, but essentially an evil dude named Seth is resurrected and mummy Seth ushers in the legendary dark ages for [...] read »

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Inferno Legend
  • Inferno Legend

  • Posted on  Jan 16,2014  01:01 , by Sara Lau
  • Inferno Legend is the latest MMORPG from Gamebox behind games such as Ancient Summoner, Odin Quest and Wartune. It’s totally free to play, with a browser version you can play now and mobile apps on the way. The game runs on the Unity engine, so even though it’s playable in browser, the requirement for the Unity plug-in means it’s only available on PC and Mac browsers. The Unity engine is important for Inferno Legend though, as it supports the feature that makes Inferno different from most of its competition: it features full 3D graphics on and off the battlefield. Review: [...] read »

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