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Browser games Recap: May 08, 2012

Sara Lau
May 9,2012  03:05 by

Browser games are attracting more and more focus with their increasingly diversified gameplay concepts and console quality graphics that are improving all the time. Dozens of them have been unveiled recently. DotMMO has been busy introducing or even reviewing following games from different countries scattered all over the world and with various stories and themes. Below are latest browser games released in May 2012.

War of Troy

War of Troy, though inspired by the War of Troy, is a typical Chinese military strategy game where you will have the following responsibilities: construction of different facilities, collection of resources, taxation, and fiscal expenditure, commander and troop recruitment and training, and enemy attacking and territory defense. And, naturally, since this game boasts a particular historical background, you will encounter historical figures and if you defeat them, you can employ them as your commanders.

The Pride of Taern

Previously the most popular MMORPG in Poland, the Pride of Taern, or Taern for short, has its English version launched officially. Providing immersive story, various scenes, eight classes, dozens of skills, and quite challenging tasks, Taern can keep you excited and focused all the time. Now, it is high time for you to take the role who lost his or her family and is forced to exile themselves in foreign lands fighting for a way to wipe out the invaders and restore their ruined motherland’s peace and prosperity.

Web Koihime Musou

Guess what? All the characters depicted in the Chinese classics The Three Kingdoms can also be girls-maybe. Every character and scene is beautiful and enchanting. Choose your side, select your character, and embark on the way to reunify the three kingdoms. Conquer others’ cities before they seize yours, and expand your territory until the whole land is under your control!

Crystal Conquest

Crystal Conquest is a Japanese anime-style real time strategy game to be released through Yahoo Games. It will plunge players into battles in various rooms where they must have a good knowledge of the room layout and devise the best combat strategy. Besides PVE battles, you will also join the 20 vs. 20 group combat. Currently this game is available in Japanese only.

Shadowrun Online

The beloved Shadowrun succeeded in both book and RPG game markets and is now being transformed into a browser-base game. In the 2070s, conflicts between technology and magic, the present species and the newcomers-that is, the ancient races: Elves, Trolls, Dwarves and Orcs – ended the precarious peace of the world.

Ice Age Online

Ice Age Online is a collaborative effort of Bigpoint and 20th Century Fox. In this game, you will role play as a sloth who is guiding your group to the ideal habitat you have just discovered. Encountering characters from the classical Ice Age series movies, including the new one expected this June, search for the missing companions, collect acorns and build shelters for your guys.

Lost of Legend

A month after the Soul of Guardian was released, its developer Wondershare Games launched Lost of Legend, which also features monster slaying, item collecting, and pet manipulating. But Lost of Legend distinguishes itself with its focus on instance quests and the flying mounts.

Anno 2070 Online

There may be another huge problem humans will be facing in 2070-the increasingly rising sea level and the decreasing of inhabitable lands. Collect and trade valuable items, develop your island’s economy and establish good relations with others. But peace and prosperity are not always the topics. You have to conquer other islands once in a while.

Throne of Fire

Explore varied scenes, kill monsters of all kinds, and complete quests after quests. That is pretty much what you are gonna do in Throne of Fire. Cooperate with other classes, change your formation when necessary, master hundreds of skills, summon your dragon, and get ready to confront with powerful opponents, NPCs or real players in the Arena.


The world used to be peaceful and harmonious until it was threatened by evil forces. You, the bodyguard of the king, is responsible to protect Princess Emma and the people since King Alexander is absent. Take your sword and embark on your journey to save the kingdom and showcase your loyalty.

Mafia Warfare

Mafia Warfare is a trading card game that stresses strategy and turn-based combat. Like in many board games, the cards you have in your deck determine what you can do and what damages you are able to cause on enemies. The cards, however, are character-specific and therefore can only be usable when the role you opt to be is the desired character.

My Free Zombie

Select parts randomly, assemble the body, climb out of the cemetery, and take the role of a zombie in a world full of the undead, werewolves, and other monsters. Come across the sexy nurse with two faces and with injection needles in her hands, or a worker with his eyes popping out. Complete quests to obtain items and money with which you can further deck up your character, making it much more terrifying.

Ensemble Online

You are one of those people from an over-crowded city who are determined to open up their own bases in a vast wasteland. No tutorials or specified quests. You are allowed to do whatever you want from the very moment you enter this game. Build defense tower, plant crops, collect items, forge alliances, and protect your bases. Be an oblivious farmer, or a dominator of the new world, it is your choice.

Pockie Pirates

Inspired by the successful Japanese anime One Piece, Pockie Pirate engages players in adventures across different cities and travel to the open sea. Being the king of pirates is a dream shared by your character and most of the companions will come across. Most of the characters and scenes are based on those from the anime and therefore attract lots of its fans.

My Free Pirate

Starting from a tropical island in Caribbean area, you purchase a boat and commence your pirating career by navigating to the nearby island. Travel to the open sea, encounter precious treasures, sea monsters, and enemy’s ambush. Arm your ship with your rewards and money, capture the enemy captain and seize their ship and cargo.


FantasyRama is a new entry of Rama series from Bigpoint. In a magical world, elves, fairies, and mystical creatures live harmoniously around the tree of life. This very world, however, is going to be destroyed if no one comes to its rescue. Follow the fairies’ tips, collect food, cultivate magical plants, and acquire magical power to save the mysterious world!

Silent Hunter Online

Choose your battleship, destroy every enemy’s ship, and search for boats and submarines. You will command a realistic submarine while battling enemies or escorting partners’ ships. Work out plans, strike the enemy and escape quickly. Remember: ALLIANCES and TACTICS matter in Silent Hunter Online.

Final Eden

Final Eden is a military-themed strategy game. It all starts from the end of the world in 2012. Resources are so scarce that they have become something that everybody has to produce and even plunder from others. You will have to construct facilities, upgrade buildings, produce and process resources, research technologies, defend bases, and attack bases of NPCs and other players.

Cartoon Universe

Take your adventures in a virtual world, designed on the basis of the popular TV series the Looney Tunes Show, meet the cartoon characters, solve puzzles, play mini games, explore various regions, and enjoy this game from Warner Bros.!

Panzer Pets

In a post-apocalyptic world where robots are the dominators, you are to create your own robots and reclaim the land. Instead of selecting from limited robots, you can choose from thousands of body parts and assemble your unique companions. Build your garage, create, assemble and repair your pets!

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