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Bubble Epic

Bubble Epic

Release Date:  August 25, 2012
Publisher:  6waves
Developer:  6waves
Genre:  Bubble Matching

6 Waves recently published a social game named Bubble Epic, which is now available on facebook. It is nothing more than a usual bubble game.


The gameplay is similar to Bubble Witch Saga and other match 3 bubble games. Match bubbles of the same color and clear them up. Once you managed to take out half of the bubbles at the top, all the bubbles will automatically fall off and drop into the baskets marked with scores.

Shooting down all the bubbles does not mean you would be able to enter the next level. A certain amount of scores is required before you go to the next stage. In other words in the game, you need to achieve at least one star in each play for your further games.

The scores marked on the 5 baskets would increase from 300 to 1000. Every time you match a set of bubbles, you will have one of your baskets’ score risen 200. If there is a wasted bubbles you shoot which does not match the bubbles around, 3 of your baskets will lose a total of 600 score. It takes you 15 times nonstop match to rise all the 5 baskets to 1000, however only 5 times of mismatch will make you lose all the bonus score.

As it is in Bubble Witch Saga, there is no time limit for each game however the number of bubbles you have is certain. So if you want to get as higher score as possible, you need to shoot your bubbles slow and sure, reduce the wasted times so that when the bubbles fall into the baskets, you would get a better score.

There is a background story for Bubble Epic. An epic land marked by odd ruins and ancient temples is there for you to explore, call on your friends and you together would discover hidden treasures. 6 Waves specially put the story on an ancient book in the game and made it seems real. The landscapes in the game scenes are distinctive. Mountains and valleys, volcanoes and grasslands, players need to move on step by step.

I like more about Bubble Witch Saga for its witch theme, and the game has a tighter connection with its background story. Bubble Epic would be no match for it in this part. However there is plenty to do in the game. For 100 stages is ahead expecting your arrival. So at least a few weeks is needed for normal players to get through the game. If you have plenty of casual time and want a game with simple gameplay, Bubble Epic would suit you well.

16 Comments on Bubble Epic


  1. ginette dubé says:

    bonjour j aimerais savoir pourquoi je ne peux pas débloquer apres le niveau 30?

  2. modat says:

    sa fait plusieur jour que je n'arrive pas a passer au n°51 de bubble epic j'ai beau faire des demandes a des amis ou payer avec des billets vert sa marche pas quelqun a t'il une solution merci

  3. graciela says:

    como hago para sacar una botella que me impide pasar al nivel 21

  4. bastien f says:

    bjr je n'arrive pas a passé au niveau 51 alors que j'ai tout reussi il me met une fleche bleu au niveau 30 alors que j'ai tout fini

  5. rome says:

    niveau 100:et dur dur d'avoir les 200 etoiles, j'en ai 131 suis pas rendu!!!!on devrais en avoir en kdo!!!

  6. AngelaBurney-Smalman says:

    I ilke Epic Bubble , but it very challenging sometime.

  7. Virginia Vega says:

    Where are you???….VA

  8. mamagirl says:

    what is the "MAGIC BOTTLE" for?

  9. Esmeralda bonilla says:

    Xq no puedo jugarlo en facebook ayuda x favor es urgenteeeee contesten plis……..

  10. jais besoin de monde pour jouer a bubble epic

  11. Mae Fehr says:

    I would like to uninstall Bubble Epic from my computer. Can you please tell me how to do this

  12. sybil says:

    I cant get game my
    to start.

  13. sybil says:

    why wont my game start

  14. Barb says:

    Need help with level 153! Been on level 153 for over 6 mons. Second time around as I was stuck on level 188 & started over,so did level 153 once before,but can't seen to win this time around. Any suggestions??
    Very frustrating,to say the least,but like the game & can't quit now.

  15. lidia says:

    por favor se puede pasar al castellano este juego.

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