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Bubble Ninja

Bubble Ninja

Release Date:  May 24, 2012
Publisher:  ninja2u
Developer:  LineKong
Genre:  Side Scrolling RPG

Bubble Ninja is a free browser-based side scrolling RPG developed by China-based LineKong. Although the title and characters of the game are taken from the Japanese manga series Naruto, the settings, gameplay, and background music are all loosely implemented.

In the game, you can choose from one of 4 characters, male or female, and explore the world of Naruto by completing quests, learning skills, raising pets and teaming up to challenge boss monsters.


A classic Japanese manga series are once again compromised by the Chinese developers since Ngames took Naruto and Bleach to Pockie Ninja earlier 2011. Set in the world of Naruto, Bubble Ninja lays bare a side-scrolling Crystal Saga, or Naruto-themed MapleStory.

I have no idea as to why this game coincides with the Zuma-like game recently released on Android and iOS: they share nothing in common literally beyond that name.

It would not be fair to come to an early conclusion when it comes to a role-playing game developed by Chinese or South Korean companies and that is exactly the reason that drives me to keep at this game. However, as it turns out, Bubble Ninja doesn’t feel any better than it did when I started this game for the first time.

In a dreamy world of enchanting environment and lovable characters, the tiny little texts here and there are nothing but disappointments, no matter they are incomplete words below interface icons or names and titles under every NPC or player’s character, let alone the long and tedious dialogs that I did not read in detailed for even once.

Fortunately, the characters, especially playable characters, own such big heads that it’s impossible to ignore their beautifully crafted faces, which are obviously a great improvement upon the figures in Naruto, the acclaimed inspiration.

At first, the level roars without your knowing it. Navigation is automatic and therefore you basically only have to click NPC to accept missions, click the destination and most of the time is spent on the trips. Bubble Ninja, however, is not one of those games that could be left unattended. You must click an attack target to start the battle once you approach the quest monster or figure.

By default, the character launches normal attacks unless you select other acquired skills, which of course, are of more damage. The special attacks are not always desirable. For example, one of the Ninjutsu that are specific to my character’s class – Suiton, or a Ninja who masters the manipulation of water element – Dairyubaku is to drop a huge amount of water on those enemies near me. The beauty of this skill is that it targets all of those nearby, greatly increasing the pace of completing quests that involve slaying of dozens of the same type of monsters or anything. Nevertheless, if I click a monster comparatively far away (which happens all the time), my character does come towards that monster but stops before its Dairyubaku could affect the monster to any degree. What’s worse, in cases where I have to kill monsters of higher levels than my character, any attack targeting multiple of them could invite collective counterattacks and thus be the indirect reason of my character’s deaths.

This game, as far as I can see, doesn’t offer many different worlds for explorers. There is this world where you converse with NPCs for accepting and submitting most quests while other worlds house animals of various species and levels. The developer team’s originality is obvious in those quest objects: for example, the treely and treebinder look like nothing except the bottom part of a dead tree while the foxy nin is actually an orange fox with three tails. Also, the monsters don’t disappear after losing all their HPs – they are kicked away far into the air and then vanish.

There are too many players now in the game and it is often the case that insufficient quest objects are provided. Normally in that case I would wait in one spot waiting for the reborn of the same monster – which is obviously time-consuming but really effective. To my dismay, almost everyone does that in this game and it is not rare to see two or more players’ characters wait idly beside a bunch of monsters. To make it worse, almost all those players unleash powerful attacks to take down all those monsters beside them and those who come late, for example, my character, cannot find one single monster that is out of their reach. Somehow I manage to figure out a shameful solution, which is, to wait near such a player and launch the first attack on the closest monster. In that way, I gain progress in my mission even though the monster is not killed by me.

Main quests are not enough for you to proceed all the way to the top. Occasionally the main quests simply require you to reach level 20, level 30 or anything when you are still five or six levels away from it. And naturally or by force, you have to accept side quests and daily quests to earn experience points to fill that gap. Daily quests encounter you with scores of the same kind of monster and you could choose to lower or increase the difficulty (or, to be specific, change the quest objects) of the task.

The HPs automatically recover through the HP pots when 70% or less is left. And as I attend more and more battles, I have no choice but to resurrect after running out of the HP pots, which can be obtained by spending ingots that are accessible only after you spend money. Unable to find anything that is worthy of real cash, I choose to die and resurrect all the time rather than spend a single coin on the game. And as a result, my character is able to fulfill a task only after being killed for five or six times by enemies.

As always, the experience points are accumulated for level upgrades. However, whenever I return to the game after a break or a meal, the experience is always much higher than it was before I left. And a long time of inaction would lead to the meditation of the character, which also piles up experience points. Does that mean that if I do nothing at all, my character can still go all the way to the top level?

With its old-school gameplay, over-congested text panel as well as the strictly money-driven gaming mechanism, Bubble Ninja doesn’t seem to be ready for its international release as its developer is assuming.

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  1. Cjay says:

    It's not as bad as you make it seem.. I got to lvl 55 in 1 week without spending any money and my bear is par.. Basically there's too much going on at 1 time in this game. It's a side scroller yet they are treating it like a full mmo such as DOTA or LOL..

    I'm still a noob but I don't think it's as complicated to progress as you make it seem. Since the game has a built in bot and the whole meditate for essence thing, I think you should re-review after you get less "nooby". No offense.

  2. Annomus says:

    This is a nice game to make friends
    all around the worl

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