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Bubble Pirate Quest

Bubble Pirate Quest

Release Date:  August 20, 2012
Genre:  Bubble Shooter

Bubble Pirate Quest is an exciting adventure in the pirate saga genre, executed with game mechanics in the classic bubble game style. Conquer islands, collect treasures, become a king of your own pirate archipelago.

In Bubble Pirate Quest, players aim and fire balls of the same color with cannon in order to make them disappear and eventually the treasure items such as crabs, anchor will be falling down in your barrens, the way you will get score. The more balls you knock out, the more score you will gather.

In order to win in an adventure, you must earn at least one star. At the early stage, you can easily win. But when you play at level 12 or higher, chances are you lose. At this time, you will have to buy some items like amulet of observation that will allow you to view the whole level and devise a more thorough strategy.

If you keep losing in the game, you can do nothing finally when devoid of life points that are required to perform shooting action. Make sure to concentrate on large clusters with two or three of the same before you shoot, because the life points are easily to be used up.

Playing Bubble Pirate Quest is easily reminiscent of Zynga’s Bubble Safari and indeed, it is a rebuild of Bubble Safari with a new look.


8 Comments on Bubble Pirate Quest


  1. peg harkness says:

    I am at level 91 (floating island) with the score of 348050 ! but this is not enough to go to next level ?????!!!! Tell me why ?

  2. you need 370000 for 1 star before you can progress

  3. Joni says:

    Takes days before I can move up to the next island. I am only randomly given the opportunity to ask friends for help. Frustrating. Can't find where it even tells me who has responded to help.

  4. Judy says:

    Game keeps telling me to buy scrolls before I start the level. Where do buy scrolls I can't find them. New to the game any tips would be great.

  5. cheryl says:

    I have finished level 33 with 3 stars and I cant go further?????

  6. Verna says:

    I really enjoyed playing this game. Everything is simple, nice and exciting! And I like parrots

  7. jinny says:

    my game want load just a white page
    I enjoyed this game still works on my phone I'm on level 39

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