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Bullet Run

Bullet Run

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  SOE
Developer:  Acony Games
Genre:  MMOFPS

Bullet Run (Previously Parabellum and Hedone Online) is a client-based free sci-fi first-person shooter where you will be placed in the year 2020 to compete against other players. In the game, you are able to load a great number of weapons that can be purchased or acquired through campaign, join in the team-based multiplayer campaigns and fight in various maps.


The game is an irrigating attempt into free to play monetization of the mmo Parabellum. In fact, the developer Acony had been developing the game, which was going bad each time it was patched with an update till it shut down the servers. Earlier 2011, the developer remade the game and gave it a new title Hedone, which ends up being dead till another new title Bullet Run appears.

Bullet Run is now published by SOE. If SOE could not deliver its intended impact on the so-called souped up version of Hedone, the game as a whole goes nowhere, not mention to whatever features -free to play, Nemesis System, and fast-paced action – they claim.

Set in a near future, the game casts players in brutal battles in order to earn fame and glory in a Reality TV show. In each episode, you will explore a different scene on one of the six maps the game offers, such as a warehouse, a shanty town and an oil rig. You may die once in a while but will also be able to re-incarnate and return to the battle. Up to 20 players can contest in multiple game modes such like Team Deathmatch and Dominion on the six maps.

Offering 14 different weapons, the game allows for a wide range of weapon customization options as well as a large selection of outfits and equipment. And you could acquire Kill Skills, such as damage heals, berserker mode, and enemy-trapping robots, if you are lucky enough.

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Style and attitudes are stressed in Bullet Run and one could gain experience points after showing off or teasing his or her opponents. The game’s official release is due this summer, announced by its publisher Sony Online Entertainment.

7 Comments on Bullet Run


  1. jacob says:

    i love bullet run

  2. isaiah says:

    cant play it cause beta not released yet 🙁

  3. john says:

    is the game fun

  4. petar says:

    fuck jou i want to play it not wach other people play it

  5. Malith102 says:

    Just got a beta invite, HEARD of this game… And that's a shocker

  6. Jantje says:

    Bullet Run is really alot of fun to play! It's fast paced shooting action and I personally was a big fan of the commentators, even though they'd repeat their lines every couple of minutes.
    Furthermore, what completely ruins the game, is the system to get your weapons/items upgraded and/or customized. After every match you literally pay 50% of the ingame credits you won that match – to repair your weapon. Because of that it takes close to a MONTH to get a weapon you want, even for a not so casual F2P'er.
    Simply said, good game but sadly it's P2W. When will they learn..

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