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Bunch of Heroes

Bunch of Heroes

Release Date:  2012/9/22
Publisher:  NGD Studios (Steam)
Developer:  NGD Studios

Bunch of Heroes is a arcade MMO set in a verdant and arresting world with diverse sceneries and numerous quests. In fact, each level involves a multitude of specific objectives for you to accomplish, so the game will never be boring and repetitive. As for the visual effect, the cartoon-style graphics makes even the monsters less intimidating. Nonetheless, the confrontations are still stimulating, to the accompaniment of groovy rock and roll music.

The world is facing an imminent devastation as invasive aliens along with their zombie army are launching merciless attacks against the Earth. The world calls for real heroes and actually “a bunch of them” as suggested on the official site of Bunch of Heroes, a hilarious yet action-packed shooter from Argentine-based NGD Studios. Its initial launch price is only $9.99. Except for a bunch of heroes, you will also have a bunch of awesome weapons at your disposal, such as rail guns, flame throwers, and gravity bombs, so I guess the game is worth that small potion of money.

If you are willing to save the world from vicious invasion and potential destruction, you should never hesitate to slip into the role of one of the four playable heroes, including humorous El Comandante, charming Agent Liu, bulky Jared Joe, and serious-looking Captain Smith, each of whom boasts distinctive physique, personality and skills. But they all share the same virtuous goal, that is, to repel hostile attacks and banish intruders away. To successfully defeat the overwhelming hordes of aliens and zombies, four of them decide to form an elite squad and cooperate closely with others. Anyway, become one of the four heroes and foray into the perilous realm!

Like Brawl Busters, Bunch of Heroes mixes mind-blowing combat with a humoristic context, lighting up the whole gaming ambience. For example, El Comandante always enters into battles with a cigar in his mouth that can be treated as a deadly weapon. Sometimes, he will throw several exploding cigars at approaching enemies, which causes a marvelous yet hilarious scene. In addition, you will also be assigned with a task asking you to save the cheerleaders, which probably reminds you of the classic line from hit TV series Heroes—“Save the cheerleader, save the world!”

According to the developer, the images of all heroes are inspired by the stereotypes of the nation they represent, thus containing more or less implicit political satire. If you are interested in world politics, maybe you will get more fun in playing the game.


5 Comments on Bunch of Heroes


  1. gamemaster says:

    coool game

  2. Sarah says:

    I actually took this site seriously (for 10 mins or so) until I saw this article and you called Bunch of Heroes an MMO.

  3. tedas123 says:

    do you need to download the game ?

  4. Josue says:

    great game!!!!!!!
    is the GAME!! is very fun

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