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Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  DovoGame
Developer:  Dovogame
Genre:  Simulation

Located on the top of a skyscraper, the office is furnished with necessary modern appliance, pieces of antique collection, soundless carpets, fully-stocked bookshelf and luminous French windows that invite in daylight and landscape; in the center is a giant desk waiting for its master. Who? It is the business tycoon, the leader on the other side of the glass ceiling.

Whoever has ambition in the business scope or simply shows interests in it may acknowledge acquaintance with the magnates’ life and the knack of successful businesses in Business Tycoon Online (BTO) , a free-to-play business simulation online mmo game. Players will start from role-playing an entrepreneur in the City of Liberty, a business hub where players start from scratch and tap their full potential to make a grand business empire out of their humble companies.

To be specific, players in BTO can choose their initial industries from four types, listed as Entertainment, Catering, Service and Sales. Once defining the scope, players can run their business in full swing, establishing companies, setting up stores, managing factories and recruiting and training employees, etc. All these activities should be taken good care of in professional manner. For example, stores should be kept clean, while factories can function well only under strict administration from the perspectives of goods output, warehouse condition, technical and sales experience, etc. in addition to the hardware in the business, software power such as the performance of employees and secretaries ought also to be paid attention to.

In Business Tycoon Online, there are six classes of employees, whose abilities of varied degrees can be easily recognized by the color attached. As to the secretary, two handsome male secretaries and a collection of females blessed with unique attributes including being sociable, stylish, elegant and other equally charming characters are available for players to choose from. Besides, in this game, players can claim the ownership of luxurious items, such as top-class cars, private jets and tailored suits, etc. Among all various game elements adapted from reality, the interactive media system is fascinating as well. In order to gain upper hand in the competitive business circle, players could invest some money in the media to boost company reputation.

This game conjures up a vast next-to-real business kingdom. Virtual though it is, this game world provides a stage for tycoons-to-be to make their debuts.


Bussiness Tycoon Online is made by China-based Dovogame, which also backs the operation of online games such as Warflow and Super Star. So far, there has been over 50 servers including: Oracle, Jobs, Mellon, The Hamptons, and Rockefeller.

It is also hosted by Run Up Technology at http://bto.funmily.com/

Official Chinese Servers: http://bto.uwan.com/index.html

Japanese Official website: http://ceo.dinc.co.jp/

5 Comments on Business Tycoon Online


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  3. Vlad says:

    The score of 10 is given by those who receive the rewards for appreciating this game. BTO gives rewards to all those who give the score. In fact, the game is very annoying and addictive. There are a lot of major bugs which have not been fixed for years. The servers are overloaded which results in frequent 502 errors on the user's end. Their customer support is really bad. Rewards are delivered 3-4 weeks after the events, when you don't really need them. The whole game is strongly oriented in the favour of the owner. Only those who can invest a lot of $$ in this game are competitive. Players who do not buy gold cannot really participate in their race of events. Please consider all this well before you join this game. And once again, remember that it's very addictive, more than any casino, so you may find yourself one day without money. Good luck!

  4. Justin Bieber says:

    vlad is a character from Horton hears a Who!

  5. Justin Bieber says:

    wow nice name bud.

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