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Call of Roma (Caesary)

Call of Roma (Caesary)

Release Date:  2010
Developer:  Heroic Era, Blue Power
Genre:  Strategy

Call of Roma is a rename of Caeary. The game, which allows players to build empire, organize troops and fight enemies,  is developed by Heroic Era, a China-based gaming company associated with Evony, Maegica and Senatry. Basically, the game qualifies a great browser game in terms of gameplay, storyline, background, and strategy. What set Caesary in the bad reputation is its poorly executed operation and customer service.

It is one of the most successful browser games in North America and the rest of the world since there are a number of publihsers to help co-publish this game, including Lekool, R2Games, Aeria Games, Caesary online, Yoogames, NGames (the publisher of Pockie Ninja), Kongregate, Facebook, and etc.

In October 11, 2011, Heroic Era stop supporting the official Caesary, renaming it into Call of Roma. Its affiliated publishers has also renamed the title shortly after Caesary.net is shut down.

However, with the dispute regarding copyright infringement, Aeria Games, Kongregate went the seperate way with the game maker Blue Power or Heroic Era, which is part of Evony development team.


If you are fancy with Asian strategy games, well, you must feel familiar with this one, ‘Caesary ’. Set against the rome-themed background, Caesary Online (Call of Roma) is going to make you scream at its finest art design and so many amazing scenes of the Roman times.

In Caesary (Call of Roma), not only can you build your buildings and settlements, but also perform the numerous quests. Of course, rewards come right after quests, helping you upgrade your houses, level-up and other necessary items. One special feature of this game is that you don’t have to focus all your attention on it, that is, you could be absent-minded or take a rest in the middle of your gaming. A good game while working, huh? Beside all these mentioned above, the combat part must gather most eyes here. Keep your city safe and to do a better job, the store is there waiting for taking your real money.

These are a number of different and individual units available, so you can can specialize your skills on attack or defense. Once your infrastructure and city of hall are built, you can go to produce resources and even trade with other players. The raw materials are required for the development of the empire and recruiting for the troops.

An important element of the game is that you can conquer other villages and empires. If you successfully take control of other empires, you may enjoy the production boost and get more resources.


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  6. Mental says:

    It won't work

  7. Jalla2273 says:

    its not working here and on MochiGames D: 2 all SPARTENS of Gualtron if u can here this messege plz reply and tell me how I can get on so we can continue being an AWOSME LEAGUE HAIL SPARTENS!

    sincearly Jalla2273 host of SPARTENS

  8. Jalla2273 says:

    wish I was there 2 say G bye 2 my league

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  10. kingalex33 says:

    i wish that caesary still worked 🙁

  11. Jalla2273 says:

    King alex! go 2 mochigames look in ur dashbord of ur account and at the bottem theres new messeges llok 4 the 1 that says "ROMULUS <———————–" it will have a link 2 the new server!

  12. Jalla2273 says:

    ok thosoe who have gotten this far 2 leard that its a dead end DON`T WORRY! go 2 callofroma.com if u have a Ceasary account just log in, if ur from Mochigames you will have to register, after u do all that just join the new server B28 and there u go! c u there. PS. SPARTENS is there 2! HAIL SPARTENS! (nned 2 right a messege here? just right a name bellow in name and right ur messege no E mial needed!)

  13. Noso says:

    This game is a fraud that has gone under a lot of law suits for copyright infringement from Evony. They keep changing the name of the game, to scam new players into buying gold with real money from them. These developers are as low as it gets. If you want to play, go right ahead, but know that your time, and money are going to be wasted, as the site will be shut down again soon anyways. As for the game itself? It's very fun. I just wish it wasn't copyrighted.

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  15. Chapka says:

    where is the server???

  16. callofroma.com says:


  17. haiwin says:

    hmmmm its not on any other website anymore

  18. Shaw says:

    did the call of roma site get taken down now too?

  19. Kas says:

    no, Call of Roma is still up and runnin.

  20. Call of Roma, Caesary, Senatry, Evony Over Copyright Infringement says:

    […] week, Caesary, (or Caesary Online), was abruptly taken down without any official statement, leaving tens of […]

  21. koyya says:

    call of roma is runnin u fool , get on b31 and look up LoRdSeKoYyA #1 league ho's, and ummmm is their any cheats people?

  22. colyn says:

    You don't need to spend any money to play anyway, you have a choice

  23. general marcus says:

    how do i get on call of roma from google.

  24. garrettgreen says:

    it wont work. people of the resistance i will pray for you, garrettgreen, host of resistance

  25. darwing says:

    hi i am darwing who played in cecary i wish that it lasted all this happened because of that ex guy joel koshy they banned this game because he steal the sorce code of this game he stole it because he was banned from the game his name in the game was king joel

  26. darwing says:

    and darwing is my name in cecary

  27. darkwing says:

    kastrol its me

  28. Amazed says:

    hey everyone its me Amazed… ya know old rank 3 till the server merge lol miss everyonee!!!

  29. […] its two previous games, “Caesary” and “Call of Roma“, Epicx also takes on the epic Roman theme in which players are able to […]

  30. […] its two previous games, “Caesary” and “Call of Roma“, Epicx also takes on the epic Roman theme in which players are able to […]

  31. tomof48 says:

    is the a walk through or a how to play site

  32. Lolly says:

    Link "PLAY NOW" does not Work …… LOL

  33. jarlaxle says:

    guys 2 things u can do to still play caesary, go to callofroma.net or google playality and click the one that comes up as online poker it has caesary there however if your used to playing somewhere like…r2games that was my fav its alot different because instead of opening a new server every 3 months or so .net opens one every 2 weeks, so its dead on every server except the newest one which sucks last time i checked there was somethign like 40 servers… playality only has ONE server so right now the server leader has almost 500 mil prestige, not the best place to go and start over but those players understand that a caesar shouldnt beat up on an aedile so its ok there, some1..any1 who reads this still yet if u find another site please let us know

  34. lilho bethoven says:

    where server it's game………………

  35. Randall says:

    i cant log on through playality now been playing on server 2 for the last few days as it just opened, now cant log in…

  36. lilho bethoven says:

    i cant log in

  37. wolfking says:

    hi all i am W.M.D AKA wolfking i got a new game site for you come join me and all new player get eqp set as a gift http://www.callroma.com/ look me up and i tell you how get the free gift

  38. Tigre says:

    You can go to gogogogo.com

  39. […] was firstly introduced in China and later localized by Heroic Era behind Caesary and Evony. In 2011, 7Road Tech took over all distribution rights and licensed DDtank to those […]

  40. […] was firstly introduced in China and later localized by Heroic Era behind Caesary and Evony. In 2011, 7Road Tech took over all distribution rights and licensed DDtank to those […]

  41. TickTickBoom says:

    I play on Gogogo atm but its dying…anybody know of another site that's running,If so please leave a link for me
    ..Iv played all the servers i could find ..from yougames,R2Games ,Mochi,Playality, Sparta Cleopatra site but i couldn't keep up with the Spanish

  42. […] affiliated publishers like Wan71.com, 37wan, and wowan365. On August 15, China-based R2Games behindCaesary, quietly launched an alpha server for Crystal Saga. After two week’s testing, R2Games launched […]

  43. mahmoudreda says:

    hi guys i want to get the program and i can't get it could some one give me the link sothat i could download it

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