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Call of Gods

Call of Gods

Release Date:  2010
Developer:  Koramgame
Genre:  fantasy

Call of Gods is a free browser fantasy MMORPG which combines the elements and features from city-building, MMORTS, and RPG. It is developed by Shanghai-based Biyojoy Network Technology and later it has been licensed to multiple publishers including KoramGame, Aeria Games, Lekool and Kongregate. Some critics claimed that the game has imprinted with the shadow of the Three Kingdoms series. Yet the playability and popularity will be left to players to make the final judgment.


Rather than moving into a given genre, some games choose to dig some new elements so as to offer a rich and unique gaming experience. This is just the case of Call of Gods, a free browser-based MMO that is accessible via browsers. Sometimes, this game also takes on the appearance of a Western RPG. This bet is actually quite risky, thus raising fears that the game will be go astray on the way and fail to live up to its extremely high ambitions. Are those fears justified? You will see!

It is undeniable that the first steps in a browser game are ultimately crucial, especially when it is free. A successful game must make its players understand immediately that there is a whole lot of compelling gaming excitement ahead. In Call of Gods, what really grasps gamers’ attention is not really the heroic fantasy universe or even the background story. Its most brilliant highlight is its gameplay. Setting in a classic scenario, Call of Gods promises to engage you in a bloody yet persistent war where humans, elves, undead and demons are fighting for dominance and dignity. This disturbing struggle has lasted for a long time, and you’ll have to find a way to put an end to it. Needless to say, we will be dragged into countless battles against almost everyone in the fantasy world. Before entering into the heart of the game, you are required to choose your preferred race from three options, namely, Human, Elf and Undead. Your decision will have a significant impact on the course of the game, particularly in terms of the composition of your army, because each race has access to a unique selection of combat troops.

Once the choice is made, a fairly comprehensive tutorial will introduce the basics of the game to you. That is also not an easy task since Call of Gods offers an impressive density of content. However, the well-designed interface will help you to understand them more easily. Simply put, the game is divided into three parts, each of which has a different way of operation.

First of all, you are asked to expand your little kingdom by constructing new buildings, recruiting new soldiers and collecting rare resources. The three most important resources are wood, stone and iron, which can be accumulated through some efforts. As your kingdom grows stronger, the population will also rise in number. Laborious work, coupled with money, will help you acquire or improve other infrastructure, and pretty soon, you will have a bustling empire under your control. And each building in your territory has its own level, thus providing a long-term motivation to city-building enthusiasts. Besides, in case of resource-shortage, it is possible to visit the market where you can exchange one commodity for another. But above all, you should always keep in mind that these resources must be used to establish a powerful army with which you can explore the hostile world.

The second aspect of the game requires you to directly assume the role as the leader of your army. You can choose to be a male or a female, and then feel free to embark on your adventurous journey on the open world map! The fantasy world of Call of Gods has different realms to explore, ranging from thriving cities to abandoned places. It feels great to wander around leisurely and feast on various sceneries, but all is useless without a specific goal. Your goals will be determined by quests that are given by the inhabitants of the places you visit. Generally speaking, they will ask you to go to a specific location of the map and kill a certain number of demons. It must be acknowledged that missions tend to be a bit repetitive. Once your tasks are completed, NPCs represented by small thumbnails will give you a number of awards, such as money, objects and experience points. For sure, your avatar has his or her level. Different levels will earn you different advantages. For example, when you have reached level 10, you will be allowed to explore dungeons, form alliances, and fight with or against other real players.

But in order to accomplish these quests, you should build a powerful army with which you can fend off hostile enemies. As a leader of your troops, you are shouldered with a lot of responsibilities. It is advised that you should use your capital to hire some heroes before each massive battle. You can hire up to twelve heroes, but only six of them can participate simultaneously in a battle. These warriors possess different attributes and outfits, and they also differ from each other in terms of the number of their experience points. Some are more skillful at offense; while others are more gifted at defense. Therefore, you must ensure that you hire the most suitable soldiers to your army. And it is important to diversify the formation of your troop. Initially, you will probably have only a legion of infantries. But gradually, you will have at your disposal riders, archers, priests, paladins and many other types of soldiers. Once your army is formed, it is time to foray into the battleground and fight against opposing troops. The battles are usually turn-based. And the abilities of a commander will have a significant influence on the heroes under his or her control. But we are a little bit disappointed because we can not make any decisions during combat.

So far, we have discussed the management of your kingdom and its relationship with the outside world. But we have not touched upon the typical aspect of a MMO, that is, the social elements. This is the third part of the game which gives you the possibility of fighting with or against other gamers at any given time. To do this, you have to go through a map which shows different realms on the server and choose one that is closest to your level. But if you choose stronger opponents, there is a high chance that you will be rewarded with more bountiful prizes. By winning a victory, you will get a number of precious resources as well as honor points which can be later exchanged for objects of other kinds, such as one of the cards that can increase your raw materials or an object that can enhance the capacity of your heroes. Of course, you may find yourself attacked by other players time and again. In this case, you will have to be prepared for a potentially disappointing outcome. If you lose a battle, 10% of your raw materials will disappear forever. As a result, it is wiser to admit defeat without a struggle rather than commit your troops in a battle that could decimate your army and then force you to spend even more resources to build a new one.

The three afore-mentioned aspects of the game are interdependent. Better management of your kingdom will help you build a more powerful army. And a strong troop will make it easy for you to complete demanding quests, develop your character, fight against other players and gain access to new upgrades and buildings. In short, each part of the game will make a difference to the rest in Call of Gods.

Call of Gods also consists of various dungeons which are divided into different rooms. When you open the door, you will be probably confronted with a tough enemy, but sometimes you will also lay hands on a precious treasure. The most thrilling part of this exploration is when you have to challenge the formidable boss. To eliminate him, you will be forced to go through a hard time. But if you successfully vanquish him, you can unlock a higher level of dungeon exploration, deal with tougher custodians, and have access to more interesting rewards.

Of course, you can fight against your opponents in an arena. In this way, you can compare the strength of your army to that of others, but in the meantime, your victory or defeat will have no consequences on your kingdom at the end of the confrontation. This kind of arena battles will help you to accumulate honor points which can be used in following quests. As a browser game, Call of Gods displays a remarkable content. You will have to spend a lot of time if you want to reach the highest level, explore all the dungeons, complete all the quests, and form the most powerful alliance.

Last but not least, Call of Gods incorporates an efficient interface. All of the icons on the screen allow easy navigation and smooth manipulation. You can travel quickly from your kingdom to the world map or to your inventory with a few clicks. Additionally, its aesthetic appearance is also worth mentioning. Even if it is not particularly original, at least, it offers a solid yet appealing setting. The monsters and characters that you come across throughout the adventure look pretty friendly. The only thing that is likely to prevent players from delightful gaming experience is definitely its business model, which is heavily loaded with micro-transactions. As usual, you can move faster in the adventure and get better equipment by spending a small amount of money. But this will jeopardize the balance between paying players and unpaying players.


In terms of the visual aspect of the game, we have virtually nothing to complain about because everything is clean. Of course, we would perhaps be more impressed, if Call of Gods had a more daring graphics. But we are satisfied with what this MMO offers at current level. And there is no bug to report in this regard.


Call of Gods has a really rich gameplay, incorporating elements from role-playing games to strategy games. Generally, the game is interesting in all aspects. How time flies when you are engaged in managing your kingdom, fulfilling different missions and communicating with other players! And the learning curve is fairly-calculated by the developer, so you will quickly experience all the options offered by the game. Regrettably, Call of Gods also has some shortcomings. For example, some quests are poorly scripted. Besides, some battles are too difficult and seem impossible to win. But those minor flaws are not serious to tarnish its overall attraction.


Exploration in Call of Gods in its entirety is very time-consuming. If you’re a bit tired of fighting against monsters that are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), you can always fall back on PvP combat in the game. Seen in this light, Call of Gods will enjoy a considerably long lifetime.


Admittedly, the soundtrack is not especially significant for Call of Gods. But the developer still pays more or less attention to presenting an acceptable audio environment.


The story is captivating, but it does not count as one of the strengths of the game. I must say that the struggles between humans, elves, undead and demons have already been told a million times in the market. And players may be bored by the repetitive cliché. It would have been better for the game, if the game had been built on an original screenplay.


If you are not seeking for fundamentally original experience, Call of Gods is comparatively enjoyable, thanks to the variety of tasks that have to be done simultaneously. The rich gameplay, the Western RPG and RTS elements, coupled with the neat bonus achievement system make the game irresistible and captivating. And it is also important to note that Call of Gods is free from major bugs. Since this game is merely a browser-based MMO, I think we are dealing with a truly successful title that deserves your attention.


The earth is evolving in such a fixed pattern that each day dissolves into night which will in turn be broken by the first sunray in the following day. It is a metaphorical resemblance of the wrestle between good and evil, brilliance and darkness. Justice will always win, yet demon can never die. Here comes a new around of warfare, which gods summon their loyal and courageous followers to safeguard law and order. Chosen heroes, please answer the Call of Gods and embark on the journey of glory.

As in similar games featured with empire building and strategy deploying, players will start with resources production and accumulation which serve as the prerequisite for city construction and expansion. Then, when the city grows powerful and intensely populated, players can concentrate on developing its military affairs. They should consider constructing specific buildings to recruit and train various military units. With defensive armies left behind to safeguard the city and civilians, offensive troops can be sent to the frontline or overseas to explore colonies. In the end, players will lead its city and subjects to prosperity.

In Call of Gods, there are three distinct races available for players to choose at will. They are Human, Elf and Undead; each race is special, possessing different occupations, buildings, units and items. Take the human race for example. The human race is inclusive of ten different occupations which are Footman, Archer, Cavalier, Monk, Angel, Crusader, Marksman, Paladin, Priest and Priest Seraph. These ten professions are further varied from each other with different abilities from attack, defense, agility, hit, vitality to speed.

As to the buildings, human race must build Congress first before any other follow-ups; Lumber Mill, Quarry, Iron Mine and Copper Mine are important places to produce the four different resources which will be stored and guarded in Warehouse; and besides the civil structures, buildings concerning military are equally necessary with Mercenary Camp for recruiting soldiers, Smithy for forging weapons, Stable for training cavalry and flying units and Truth Tower for technology research, etc.

Elves and Undead own their unique occupations and buildings comparable with the human race mentioned above. Against the backdrop of a fantasy world, players will for certain find themselves engaging into the unfolding storyline that all three races compete to be the lord of the whole land.

Update: The game is much like Dragon’s Call.

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