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Call of Roma, Caesary, Senatry, Evony Over Copyright Infringement

Sara Lau
Oct 20,2011  12:10 by

Last week, Caesary, (or Caesary Online), was abruptly taken down without any official statement, leaving tens of thousands of desperate fans out of servers and directly causing them to lose money and time they spent over the years. Actually, this seemingly sudden move has a deep-rooted reason behind it.

The game in question, in fact, is a pure clone of the world-renowned Browser Game Evony, and both share the same contents regardless of their different names. The messy status quo of Caesary stems from an alleged copyright violation over source code.

As far as I know, the game was hosted by several publishers, including Kongregate, AeriaGames, Lekool, Topmy, MochiGames, Yoogames, Game321, R2Games, and etc.  However, these publishers are affiliated with Heroic Era, owned by YuanFend Lu, a former employee of Evony.

According to Evony LLC, Yuanfeng Lu, who was working in the company from August 2008 to March 2009, had access to all Evony”s copyrighted materials, including the source code, graphics, and language package. When he left the company, he started his own company Feng Investment (or Heroic Era), and then released Caesary, a browser-based real-time strategy game. The game was soon proved to be a huge success with millions of users and tons of profits.

In Dec 23,2010, Evony sent Kongregate  a Lawyer Letter to demand the termination of operating Cesary on its platform due to copyright infringement and legal action best online casino taken by Evony. That is why Kongregate permanently brought down the servers of Caesary.

The case also happend to AeriaGames, but AeriaGames did not caese operating the game as soon as it received the Layer Letter. Despite warnings from Evony, Aeria Games decided to continue supporting and servicing the game at the risk of violating copyright laws.

Feng Investment undoubtedly made a tremendous number of profits, but this also caused severe monetary damages to Evony and jeopardized the justice of laws, so Evony sued Aeria Games and Feng Investment for copyright infringement earlier 2011.

Because the two games shared the same look and feel in all aspects, ranging from game options to typographical errors, Aeria Games seemed to realize  how the situation goes in the next stage. And Aeria Games immediately terminated the operation of Caesary (Apr 25,2011). Shortly after, it was also shut down by other publishers. In this way, Evony’s exclusive ownership of this popular game was finally recognized in the market.

However, the story does not stop here, because Senatry and Call of Roma are ambitiously emerging on the horizon. What’s the relationship between Call of Roma, Senatry and Caesary? Actually, they are again the same game with different names, which is definitely a cunning and brazen scheme of the infringers. To them, Caesary is an inexhaustible treasure chest, so they will not give up it at all events; on the contrary, they are willing to risk another round of legal proceedings.

Wow, the real-life struggles can even compete against those in the pertinent magnificent game! Don’t you think so? Although Call of Rome is thriving rapidly on the Internet now, but it is still infringing on the right of Evony. To my mind, another lawsuit is inevitable. Has Feng Investment given any thought to the interests of players in addition to its own profits? If Call of Rome is forced to shut down, where will we retrieve our money? How will we get compensated for our precious time? We must learn our lesson from the history; otherwise, our efforts will be spent in vain again.

At the moment, we still have no idea about how this complicated conflict will proceed in the future, but we will always keep an eye on it.

45 Comments on Call of Roma, Caesary, Senatry, Evony Over Copyright Infringement


  1. eumaeus aka Q says:

    many thanks for this article.

    if i may be permitted to post a URL to this, I would like to direct readers to the ever increasing frustration of players. many of whom have been attempting; without success to receive word from the publishers as to the status of the game. i for one have concerns due to the amount of 'investment' we players have given over the years to this game and have commented many times on this.

    similar postings may be found on the r2games forum, though being a gaming site rather than dedicated to a specific game, responses are often unrelated.

    i call on all readers to take some for of action against heroic ero, who are simply scamming cash from unsuspecting players and no-one seems to be able to do anything about this (i refer to the recent, published case of Evony vs Heroic Era in which Heroic Era failed to defend or respond). if this is not addressed, i fear it opens the gaming world to untouchable fraudsters which can only have a negative effect on the gaming industry.


  2. Noso says:

    Senatry is not the same game. It is a completely different game, please check your facts.

  3. Sarah says:

    Yeah, as an avid Caesary player, Call of Roma and Caesary are one and the same game. This is obvious by the fact that caesary.net now redirects you to callofroma.com and the loading screen for Call of Roma loads the old "Caesary" graphics and everything is 100% identical to Caesary. However, in trying to fill the void of Caesary, I tried Senatry and they are not even remotely similar beyond the basic *build your city* quests, nor do they have the same publisher.

  4. Myka says:

    Caesary and Call of Roma most definitely the same. Anyone who has played Caesary will be able to tell you that. And anyone will be able to tell you that there is nothing like it out there that can even relate.

    As for them being the same as Senatry? You must be nuts to think so. Senatry is nothing like either of the others. If anything, it should be compared to Warflow.

  5. Tyrone says:

    Really need to do your research, to end a well constructed article with a complete bull crap statement that Caesary and Senatry are the same, shows how VERY LITTLE you played one or the other, the only thing they share is the roman theme, something that no copyright law forbids use of. As for warflow vs senatry, its not 100% not even 80% whereas evony vs caesary was and is almost identical down to every little bit. The only thing they share is the same person but different companies behind the game. Really man I’ve played both extensively…

  6. lamasu says:

    I agree with noso,i have all this game,caesary and call of roma is the same but sentary is different game

  7. Tac says:

    I would agree that Caesary = Call Of Roma but Evony's assertions as to ownership of code are purely thiers. Heroica chose not to contest the issue in the USA court system as Evony's court room track record for lack of veracity is well documented.
    That the publisher community caved into the legal assult of Evony is not surprising given the costs of defending legal actions from a litigous corporation that has proven itself willing to pursue legal actions globally in an effort to outspend the defendants.
    This is a valuable lesson to the online gaming community-and your point regarding the losses of time and money is a key one. There is a clear need for online gaming review and blog-o-sphere to respond to the needs of players in determining not only is a game fun to play – but is it legal? Who owns the game(s)? Where does the players money go? Is it safe to spend money on a game that might disappear?
    Kudo's to you Sara for taking the step beyond tossing a couple stars and game review on your site.

  8. Ian says:

    Just started playing senatry after finding out that Caesary is longer about and it feels very much like Batheo from clapalong which i have been playing for a long time now i really hope that this Senatry is not a rip off of that …

  9. Saintjimmyz says:

    As a player on the old caesary.net servers, the servers run by the developing team, I can tell you that Caesary and Call of Roma are not different games at all, it was an official renaming done by the developers, complete with promos and other special events to celebrate the renaming, it is exactly the same game. Senatry is completely different, only an idiot would think otherwise.

    Also, I have seen the court order, the game was ordered to be taken down weeks ago. The court order also forbade Heroic Era from making, selling etc etc any game that emulated the look and/or feel of Evony, so Call of Roma breeches the court order. As the CallofRoma.com servers are still up, it is clear that the developers are going to ignore the court order completely, and on the official forums they deny any knowledge of the legal proceedings.

    I pulled this together when I first heard about lekool shutting down, it includes a copy of the court order, if anyone is interested.

  10. Moridin says:

    Stating that Caesary, Senatry and Call of Roma are different games that are identical by the same publisher is a LIE. Senatry is made by someone else and is completely different while Caesary's name was changed to Call of Roma. Basically, you are talking about 2 different games, one that Evony won against, one Evony has nothing to do with. If Evony sued the makers of Senatry on copyright infringement, Evony would lose unless the devs of Senatry didn't show up to the court.

  11. Ryan says:

    Also, they stole art from League of Legends

  12. anon says:

    ^ they stole art for one of their banners from a champion in League of legends. Like photoshopped the background into something different but kept the same PIXELS

  13. truth says:

    in other news the producers of call of roma are not ones u should trust with your money and if u have any doubts about them now would be the time to back out

  14. Adam says:



  15. MrSillyPants says:

    My recommendation for what its worth…. just stop spending money on any games that imitate evony because ur just gonna lose ur time AND money in the end.. just like i did, its better to lose the time and have enjoyed it with friends rather than ur money too and regret it for the time u will lose in teh future with friends.. trust the dude who is copping the repercussions right now

  16. Sting says:

    Senatry is very similar to Warflow, so who copied who between these 2, I don`t know but it`s seem to be the same issue of Ceasary that copied Evony. Too bad all these fights, I loved those games.

  17. Goodfriend says:

    what call of roma will shutdown ?

  18. Hook says:

    Aiwent who produced senatry is Heroica who ripped off Evony to form Caesary. Same company headed up by Fenginvestment and Leunfeng Lu is the principle.

    Has this Chinese gaming producer ever had an individual idea…..I seriously doubt it!!

    The Caesary development was big business with an ever growing fan base, but in the latter year of the game it was so riddled with errors and bad coding, that was uncompattible with the original coding (Guess they should have poached some Evony coders too!) the game became known as bugged and player numbers were dwindling fast.

    Senatry may not be identical to Caesary but similarities are very prevalent in naming and game theoretical art.
    Unfortunately this game is slow and does not engage players as Caesary did.

    There are two companies still hosting the Call of Roma spin off, .net and Lekool (Be it that this self indulgent company attempts to hide it on a spanish server)

  19. kira says:

    http://www.callroma.com/ it hide 2 spanish server this site could shutdown?

  20. Brian says:

    how do you marry in call of roma

  21. lito says:

    hook · 3 days ago
    This is the Lekool hidden version of Call of Roma / Caesary site.
    The players are looking to start a Tourney but player numbers are so reduced and I guess nobody being stupid enough to invest in a game that can be closed down at anytime!—Yes Hook and feng investment as dev

  22. Samantha says:

    Even spending money on Evony is a crock of shit. Seriously? All this research going on did anyone bother to research the guy who started Evony? If you want to trust them with your money be my guest. But I don't trust any of these games as far as I can spit. Play it..don't give it your money…

  23. LightPrince says:

    Every game will shut down, doesn't matter which one first.
    New games will arise in place, which will be shut down too.
    This is a cycle no one can prevent.

  24. JCupLily says:

    You do know that most companies that are based from China have been ripping off other games? I was playing a game called World of Lordcraft which got shutdown because of Blizzard but it just changed domain name and another game known as Reignage which im not sure what that is stolen from but Heroic Era is alot like Thunderstorm Entertainment in just taking codes and graphics and just slapping on a different name

  25. Jonathan says:

    Lol the best part of reading all of these comments is you can see how the names are so close.

    Evony and Caesary.

    World of Warcraft and World of Lordcraft..

    They aren't even trying to make new names there, but CoR seems to have changed much of the coding now. Maybe they're just hanging out and seeing how long they can keep going before their time is up?

    They even started doing ads the same way Evony did. A lot of people getting pissed off over it, but I've seen people that have spent thousands on it because they love it so much.

    The lawsuit won't touch Call of Roma for a very long time, it's hard finding an exact server location to shut down when you want to hide it well….and is the US seriously going to go out there and force them to shut it down? Lol? They're in another country, why would they bother?

    Evony has simply been given the right to complain about CoR, but what are they really going to do about it being there? They changed their name, they changed the coding, they flicked off Evony, and kept on going.

    Yes, one day the game will close down, people whom have paid so much have lost that money already anyways. I have to admit it is fun though, and Evony sued too many times it seems. If you type in "Caesary lawsuit" you get maybe 5 or 6 pages…try typing in "Evony Lawsuit" I got 10-15 pages, they sued a guy for saying they sucked lol.

    Either way, I can see why CoR isn't taking Evony seriously. What can be done to them? They can make a million copies of that coding, pass it around, and Evony can't do a thing about it. It's the internet, nothing is secure, you want to keep a copyright on it? Then make it a physical item.

    Online games get copied every day. People take exact coding and use it and only it. Ragnarok is a great example of this, before it was free there were THOUSANDS of free servers. It was hard to pick from them! RO didn't go around throwing court orders to close them. Hell, it brought them more publicity, showed that these people didn't have the full game, so the full game must be better, therefor people went to play RO. Same would have happened for Evony, but then people hear the word lawsuit and go "eh".

    Lol rant.

  26. Corey says:

    I wanna play this game so bad but i cant find out where i need help

  27. felixmag says:

    play free games the way they were meant to be played (for free) and you wont care if they take servers down… just wait for the next bootleg version of evony.. but i like CoR so i hope evony lose… even tho evony rocks they should stop hating… thats my 2 cents… now gimmie my change 😉

  28. RAWR says:

    So many of you are just complete morons. The real issue isn’t between Senatry and Caesary/CoR at all. It’s between those and Evony. Caesary (CoR) is absolutely a complete act of theft which is the norm in China whose GDP is largely based upon the theft of intellectual property worldwide. Speaking of which, the guy who said games can’t be copyright, only engines: You’re an idiot who knows nothing of what you speak. I am a coder, and the content of a game whether it’s built upon their own engine, or they leased another company’s engine, is always copyrighted (check any game you have in your house). Each and every time CoR tinkers with the code to attempt to update, or add anything to the game, they break parts of the game, which is a clear indication that they are not the authors of the code.

    Good day, idiots.

  29. Bob says:

    I agree with the copyright infringements but they should absorb the game and then they will generate more income. Evony is full of those who buy cents to get to the top and Call of Roma is a Roman version of Evony which I play and think is cool.

  30. Dragon says:

    Please do your research. There is a large mistake in nearly every paragraph.

    Caesary does not share the same content as Evony. They are similar, and perhaps they do share code, but they have different content, the graphics are different, the rules of the game are different, the features of the game are different. I think it sounds like the programmers took shortcuts in writing the code and borrowed from Evony, but they created something with similarities – by no means an exact copy.

    The irony of all this is, of course, that Evony itself has a similar history – having once been known as "Civony" and promoting itself as an online version of Sid Meier's Civilization. They changed the name and removed references to Civilization from their ads, likely out of fear of infringement – but never changed the game itself, which early ads promoted as a copy of Civilization.

    Sid Meier's Civilization, in turn, stole its name from a board game of the same name published by Avalon Hill. Avalon Hill, a published of board wargames, was already on the brink of failure, and actually collapsed as a direct result of attempting to defend itself from Microprose in court. AH didn't have deep enough pockets to fight back.

    Caesary never had "millions" of users. At most a few tens of thousands.

    Senatry is an entirely different game from Caesary/Call of Roma.

    If you can't get simple basics like this right, you shouldn't be writing these articles.

  31. scudfuk says:

    well as one can see…and i would claim this for all games…the owners and creators DO NOT CARE ABOUT the cistomer or gamer its a dash for profit how ever they can get it…this guy even thou he knew copright would wipe him of the game still went ahead and published ..racked the money in and then pulled it down…much like evony..it dont care about there customers..the only reason they sued was so they could try to claw back some of the revenue it lost….people…its a game the argument over money spent here as to money spen real life and whats worth more is never ending..like any product u should all understand….let the buyer beware

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  34. Shilpa says:

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