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Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones

Release Date:  2011/11/27
Publisher:  YeepGame
Genre:  MMO

Call of Thrones, also known as War of Thrones, is a 3D browser-based MMORPG that requires you download a mini-client before running the game on the web browser. The game was touted as the first Chinese browser MMO crafted in full 3D environment. By implementing the Direct3D Plug-in, Call of Thrones renders three-dimensional graphics and smooth performance.

It was firstly published under the title (天纪) by GameWave.net in China and thus far, there have been over 400 servers available to players. According to a person who wishes to remain anonymous, the game will appear as Three English versions for three different Regions under three different Titles: Call of Thrones for North America, War of Thrones for Malaysia and “Conquest of Thrones” for EU.


Having finished the registration within a few clicks, we are led to the character creation interface which offers a wide range of options, namely, you can choose the gender of your role as well as customize his or her appearance with 16 hairstyles and 8 face types. Besides, Call of Thrones also offers a variety of clothes for you to choose. Thanks to its unique preview function, you can get a clear view of your selected character. But to be honest, the looks of the characters leave much to be desired, and it is disappointing when we see our avatar staggering forward in the fantasy world.

Set in the turbulent era of Three Kingdoms in China, Call of Thrones tells the conflicts among the three mutually hostile factions, that is, Wei, Shu and Wu. And there are a total of 4 classes which are distinguished from each other by the weapons they wield.

The battles in Call of Thrones are turn-based, which can be either activated by hand or carried out automatically. Having successfully defeated your opponents, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of experience points which can be used to boost up your attributes and improve your skills. The blemish in this part is that you are forced to wait for a long time, due to the absence of skipping and slow-paced animations. Here I would say another disappointing fact, Call of Thrones cannot be played in full screen, which also tarnishes the game’s motivation.

Needless to say, the game market is highly competitive and the visuals of browser games are increasingly exquisite. Though Call of Thrones cherishes top-notch technologies, it doesn’t mean that this game will definitely achieve a universal success. Based on my 6 years of expertise in this industry, I don’t think the game will become a revolutionary trend-setter despite its originality in presenting the game in full 3D graphics. The most detrimental element for its localization consists in its comparatively rough graphics, translation wording, and strong oriental culture, all of which are hardly able to appeal to our western players.

43 Comments on Call of Thrones


  1. zeroq says:

    cant play call of thrones,, cant continue playing, i click continue playing but nothing happen. can you help me about this problem?

  2. DHIERRY says:

    Eu quero o Javali(Fighting Boar).

    Como eu consigo depois que eu fiz o linke ele não vem faz 2 dias me ajudem por favor?

    eu pago em ouro pra quem me ajudar em.pm pro DHIERRY no Call of Thrones

  3. Anchel says:

    do it have virus?
    it looks cool to play 🙂

  4. mhel says:

    cant play call of thrones,, cant continue playing, i click continue playing but nothing happen. can you help me about this problem? me to its me also problem….

  5. notafan says:

    To much of a world of warcraft rip so ill just stick to wow

  6. josh says:

    when i log in my screen is so crowded like the cahr bar only shows 2 words per sentence before itll typ ebelow like if u say… hello how are you today that is 3-4 sentences n e ideas?

  7. Brock says:

    would it be possible for someone to put the link for the home login page I can't seem to find it an I got my person up to level 16 befor I found out it wuz a task in it self to start playing agen

  8. brock says:

    need help does anyone have a login link to start cal
    l of thrones?????

  9. imyourzfajardo says:

    cant play call of thrones,, cant continue playing, i click continue playing but nothing happen. can you help me about this problem?

  10. blaze says:

    playing with google chrome, you can set game to full screen just have to do it with the browser, its not an in game thing. and yeah the chat is ticking me off, cant get it to work :/

  11. JoJodl says:

    FOR the CHAT … its SIMPLE as set your RESOLUTION to higher and Voila chat Problem Fixed

  12. PwnerKills says:

    well im playing on a school computer and it wont let me load the game. The installer says it finished installing the game but what do i do after that?

  13. Mark Abelito says:

    how to finish the Get promoted to the corporal ?

  14. CHULA says:

    I’d always clickin the “Play Now” thingy! can anybody help me ?


  15. Jamie says:

    The issue i run into most of what browser you use, i have been playin for a while and when i started i had the same problem where it just wouldnt start. I used CHROME and had the biggest issue. I started my account on INTERNET EXPLORER then went back to CHROME and had no issue.

  16. jemuel says:

    cant play call of thrones..

  17. rockky says:

    how i became corporal .?

  18. Александр says:

    I have the same problem..omg the game won't launch..
    and i did played the game only once!

  19. Pagkagud says:

    I have the same problem..omg the game won't launch..
    and i did played the game only once!

  20. tokiz says:

    my skill was gone how can i get it again

  21. Joker128 says:

    you guys that cant play it should always clear all cookies and the cache and update the flash software you guys have. adobe i think it is. and maybe DirectX might help too if you update it. to get your skill back go to the skill trader that you had and buy another one from him. 1500 coins i think it is. i think every city has one.

  22. Joker128 says:

    or just google (How to get flash games to work) and there you go. find the steps and fix it. some old computers dont work. mine was made in 2005. i know another guy with one older and he cant play it. The game flickers.

  23. Bob says:

    Spend more that 50$ for a cp and im sure you can play 🙂

  24. yegor916 says:

    Okey i cant get any support this game fails i just logged out after entering a cave battle thing , when i tryed to relog it made me create a new account when i just wasted 50$ on my last one im pissed offf with these games. yeepgame you better give me my full return

  25. Stupid Game says:

    well i have to admit the game looks dumb

  26. jonard says:

    fuck this game i cant launch fuck off

  27. putanginamo says:

    fuck you who create this game i cant even open the browser fuck you who created this fuck you… morron

  28. Titty4Me says:

    I need help i use Facebook to log in except now when i do my character is not there!

  29. Carlyle says:

    why can't i play call of thrones

  30. Nahima says:

    Played all weekend. Logged in with facebook account. Got to level 22 – Had a problem trying to sell my junk in inventory to vender, asked if anyone had any ideas to fix problem. Relog was a suggestion and to clear cache/cookies etc. I did it. Tried to go back into game and it took me to create new character screen. Not cool and I wont try again.

  31. dinadio says:

    esse é o melhor jogo que já joguei mais é claro que tem seus defeitos né?

  32. KiRa says:

    i can't play call of thrones .. huhu
    stil in server maintinance ? they say just in april 22 but until today its the same .. server maintinance ..

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