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Camelot: The Game

Camelot: The Game

Release Date:  2011/7
Publisher:  6 Waves
Genre:  6.2

The grand film of Camelot has founded a large pool of loyal King Arthur advocates; then the game known as Kingdoms of Camelot, an adoption based on the movie, further expands the circle of Arthur enthusiasts; and now another game is ambitious to incur even greater raving in the Camelot world. The new comer is Camelot: The Game.


As a new member-to-be in the Camelot series, Camelot: The Game is a highly-embraced product that is made by the Starz Digital Media, the same corporation and owner of the original Spartacus, a successful Facebook game which claims nearly one million active players on a monthly basis. Moreover, the senior vice president of Starz is quoted to promise an unmatched turnout full of thrilling action, adventure and strategy, which would probably win more gamers than its predecessor. Still under development, this game is now in the beta phase, but eager players are able to experience the preview available on Facebook.

Similar to other games in the Camelot family, this new game is reported to be a combination of role-playing and turn-based strategy against the familiar back story and framework which makes it a tie-in to the Camelot series.


Generally speaking, players will devote themselves to resource gathering in the first place, and then build up powerful army to defend base as well as conquer to expand their own territory. Resource gathering is just unattractive as in other games, automatic in a sense without much challenge and fun. The types involved also remain the commonest ore from mines, gold from farms, wood from sawmills and stones from quarries. As to the army unit, Swordsman as the lowest level is the first available, while higher units such as Archer, Horseman and Pikeman will be unlocked gradually as players upgrade and level up. Since the basic storyline is more or less the same as other games, what is the innovation of this game that sets itself apart?

Its highlight consists in the combat part, quite intricate and satisfactory, which all the more provides gamers greater control over the army’s movement and maneuver and more opportunity to apply tactics in the turn-based battles. Besides, it is celebrated with its excellent graphics together with familiar images from the Camelot film to make the gameplay more intriguing and immersive.

Meanwhile, there are also some critics against this game, due to its similarity to Kingdoms of Camelot in the setting, storyline and contents. Whether its excellent combative design can make up for its lack of innovation leaves open to the judgment of gamers themselves. Give it a try and make your own decision.

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