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Campaign Story

Campaign Story

Release Date:  August 20, 2012
Publisher:  FiveOneNine Games
Developer:  FiveOneNine Games
Genre:  Simulation

Campaign Story is a social game that allows players to run their political campaign in a bid to become President.


Campaign Story is by no means a good game for God’s sake.

It started well – you decide your candidate, bias, slogan and logo, and then you run for mayor, state senator, governor, senator, and even president. Naturally, you will have your campaign manager and hire your canvassers, press secretary, fund raisers, researcher, speech writer, local hero, celebrity, image consultant, and political consultant for divided jobs and responsibilities.

If Campaign Story has anything nice, it would be the stories that back up the whole game. Nothing would feel more real than a state senator goes around, trying to fix the environmental and unemployment problems, dig up dirt on rivals, and solve the brain drains in rural areas. After you win the elections, you get bigger offices to run for the next race and even get entertainment facilities like table tennis table and table football (though those facilities have never been used as far as I know). They meant well, anyway.

Everything about Campaign Story sounds cool but it won’t even take long before you realize the gameplay is anything but interesting and fascinating. All you do is use your influence to do something good for the people, and during the rest of the time, you just send your staffs on missions that last from 3 minutes to 20 as efforts to increase your popularity and raise the money for hiring staff and keeping things going. In other words, you open the news board, select the concerned region and pick up a mission you want to complete or you click your canvassers and fund raisers and specify the areas for them to do their jobs. And that’s all.

The rule is, as long as you increase your popularity in each of the involved regions to 51%, you will win the election. The game didn’t make that a pleasant experience though. It is not just boring and repetitive; it is also disappointing in every account. With the gold the game offered from the get-go and the money I managed to collect by sending fundraisers, I can only hire some of the staffs while the others are within the reach of premium players only. That is fine for local elections but when it comes to national campaigns, you might find it rather difficult to make progress.

You can have problems with the few staffs, too. You can hire a maximum of four canvassers and four fund raisers. But they seldom appear in the correct number. For example, you might still find idle canvassers after sending all four of them to work, which might result in five canvassers scattered in the map. And then you go back to your office, pick a canvasser, and return to the map, you will find one of the aforementioned five canvassers missing. It is like every time you assign the task for a canvasser, you cancel a previous one. In other cases, you can find only two of them. That goes on and on until you reload the web page. But it happened so frequently that I didn’t even bother to reload anymore.

More often than not, you have to do your promotion jobs in several regional maps. But the game doesn’t direct you immediately to the map you are working on. You have to click the tab yourself. And you know how it would end when one repeatedly clicks characters, and then select the job areas. I mistakenly put my employees in maps where they are not needed anymore. In that way, I have wasted lots of time and have been progressing much slower than I should.

Also, in a game with simple gameplay like this (after all you are only visiting your office, the maps and the news board throughout the game), quality pictures shouldn’t be too much to ask, right? But Campaign Story doesn’t go that way; instead, it provides the most simplified and disappointing graphics on Facebook. To make it worse, you are forced to mouse over the popularity points, money, and the influence you’ve obtained to collect them; otherwise they will stay where they are forever, which is so rare in recent Facebook games.

The inventive and otherwise great stories incorporated in the game are the one and only merit you can ever find in Campaign Story. It seems at least the game got its name right – but I do wish it were a novel or a TV series rather than a game.

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